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Why is dissertation writing getting popular in the UK?

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What is a dissertation? Why is it important?

Typically, a dissertation conveys a student’s findings in answer to the topic or question that the student proposes himself. It tests the research skills and independent analytical and writing parameters of the student. A dissertation not only shows the essence of a student’s work but also determines his final grades. A good grade in a dissertation helps decide the final GPA in most universities.

A dissertation, or a thesis as it is sometimes known to be a singular data that holds the crux of the entire research that a student has done in his academic career. Not only research and analytical, but writing skills are also gauged through dissertation work. The pivotal point in a student’s life where a team sits and judges his work is when he presents his thesis. Starting from the question, or title of the thesis, that the student mostly decides for himself, and to the end of the conclusion, a dissertation can show how much a student has actually learned.

Structure of a Dissertation

Deciding your approach towards your dissertation is one of the most difficult challenges that you would face in your academic life. It does not only test your knowledge but also your skills as a disciplined and patient person. From professional to personal objectives and goals, there is so much that goes into making a dissertation a reality.

A dissertation starts with a question. The student usually proposes an idea that he likes to research. The topic is approved by a board when the student presents a proposal. The proposal itself is the keystone of any thesis writing. It will set the tone and limitations as well as objectives of that particular topic for the dissertation. After the proposal is approved, the student can start working on his thesis.

The first step is to choose the topic. Choose the topic carefully and wisely, as this will set the direction for your work. You must prepare well and in advance for the most important work of your academics. Selecting a topic and writing an appropriate and all-encompassing title is the first task. As some say, setting a title is half the work is done, which is true to some extent, since it will give you direction and limitations to observe.

The next step is convincing the members of the committee, and a proposal is the best way to do it. A proposal paper is shorter in length but addresses all the questions about the topic. It consists of a brief introduction to your dissertation, explaining the hypothesis that you be presenting in the thesis and the research objectives and research approach that you will be employed to solve the problem.

After the proposal is accepted, next comes the actual dissertation writing. The steps and order of the research vary according to the subject and topic. However, usually, it involves the following three parts:

  • Investigation
  • Research
  • Data collection

These are the most critical parts of any thesis writing as these provide the basis for the dissertation. It is imperative to use only authentic research sources and one must know what to read, as it is quite difficult to research all available data.

Forming a dissertation outline sets the track for your dissertation. It becomes clear in your head what you have to tackle and most importantly, at what stage. Writing the introduction chapter is critical as it answers to the reader why you chose a specific topic. It provides the rationale of the problem and also gives a proper thesis statement.

Dissertation findings and conclusion are the next chapters, but you can add more in between depending upon the topic and research. A bibliography gives due credit to the author and resources that you have used and hence makes your work authentic and research-oriented.

Writing a literature review is getting popular in the UK in recent years. It is one of the topmost earning areas for many ghost-writers in the UK. According to the CEO of a dissertation writing service, around 1,700 for dissertation writing is justified and is the new norm. Not just in the UK, but people are also hiring ghost-writers to write for them in the United States, Germany, and Australia.

The price tag may seem hefty, but despite that, there is an increasing number of companies that are offering dissertation writing. Some services will help you write the complete thesis, and there are also services that will help you with how to write a dissertation.

For example, there are websites and companies that cater to citing bibliographies. The student has to enter the source and tell the service what referencing style he needs. The service will come back with complete references. This not only saves a student’s time but will also help thesis writers who find it confusing to choose a different reference style.

Dissertation writing is an integral part of any degree and without it, the student cannot graduate. At the same time, it is the most complicated and difficult task. With students occupied in projects on the side, and some also working part-time, a dissertation writing service comes to the rescue. Plagiarism is also one thing that students find difficult to tackle. There are services that help the student detect the copied content in their writings well before submission. Digital programs such as Turnitin can come costly; that is why services that can offer to detect plagiarism on a much lower cost index help students. 

Finding a topic and then researching that topic could also be a difficult task. Services that offer the students to find a relevant thesis topic and also provide relevant research data come handy for the students. In addition, certain services will offer tips and tricks on how to improve your dissertation writing skills. The thesis writing does not only involve writing research-based documents, but it also tests a student’s English writing skills. Tools such as Grammarly help students who do not have command over the language. 

A dissertation is usually judged not just on the research provided but also on the language and vocabulary used. Unlike other college essays and assignments, a dissertation requires conceptualized skills and orderly research. Since it is mandatory in almost every college and university, a student will need help in one way or the other.

Composing a thesis, which includes writing it in order and adding a strong vocabulary, is not every student’s forte. Some services and companies will help a student do exactly that. 

In conclusion, dissertation writing is getting quite popular among students in the UK because of a number of reasons. Some of these include lack of time, a load of other projects, students working part-time to pay off student loans, lack of command over the language, an increase in the number of students and hence fewer topics available and also lack interest in the subject.


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