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Why You Should Get A CCNA Certification In 2019?

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Is the CCNA worth it?

This question has been one of the most frequently asked questions for the past few years. If you too are curious to know and learn all the right reasons to get a CCNA certification – you are in the right place.

In this article, I’ll try to answer all the basic queries regarding CCNA certification and training program. So, if you are looking forward to getting CCNA certified but are confused, this article might help.

What is CCNA anyway?

CCNA is the abbreviation for Cisco Certified Network Associate which is an IT certification offered by Cisco. The CCNA will fill in as an established standard in your IT vocation. It is a fledgling dimension accreditation in networking which utilizes Cisco technology. The certification has developed to end up the most well-known IT certification on the planet. The certification focuses majorly on creating pertinent abilities to coordinate the rapidly deploying technologies in the present networking condition.

Why Should You Get A CCNA Certification

In the IT field, CCNA certification is a procedure that advances benefits for managers and workers. Numerous competitors have seen positive improvements in their profession charts in the wake of getting CCNA certified. CCNA certification procedure causes them to accomplish some genuine advantages and profitable aptitudes. There are various occasions wherein IT experts have acknowledged the need of getting CCNA certified – even with 10 and more years of working experience in the industry.

To clear my point even further, here, are 9 reasons that legitimize why you can’t go far without CCNA authentication in the present IT situation. In short, why should you get CCNA certified?!

Acknowledged Globally

CCNA certification is acknowledged globally and employees beholding CCNA certificate never face rejection when it comes to employment in the foreign states and countries.

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Employment is simple

93% of employers globally are of the idea that Cisco certified representatives enhance their business, and are a better resource than their non-Cisco certified job applicants. Also, Cisco only offers employment to people with CCNA certification.

An ongoing study done by Cisco through Forrester Consultants demonstrated that CCNA training and certification programs are a basic way to select individuals for particular networking jobs. It was likewise noticed that proficient certifications are a close second following a four-year degree to get a job. Certifications were 49% and the degree 51%, which makes CCNA certifications one of the determinants that employing managers all over use to find the best possible candidate for their firm.

High-paying Jobs

The CCNA certificate would irrefutably enable you to change from your current job to a better paying and all the more difficult networking task. Clearly, experts outfitted with the pined for CCNA certificate are qualified to land higher paying positions when contrasted with their non-certified colleagues.

Promotions on the way

Obviously, the way toward getting your certification will expand your insight and experience. It doesn’t make a difference the quantity of years you’ve been in the field, one thing without a doubt is that you will learn new stuff that will help sling your profession to the next level. It is through the certification procedure that you will see advancements in the business. This implies that the CCNA certification would without a doubt increase your odds of getting promoted in your current IT vocation.

Better Learning

CCNA certification improves the learning base of networking specialists. The Cisco Learning Network is the first and only social network utilized for learning. This network has a lot of services available to anybody searching for CCNA training and certification. Cisco Learning Network is for people with all levels of knowledge and experience inspired by a networking profession.

It’s the future

If you believe in the future of the Internet, it is an astute plan to get the CCNA-certified tag on yourself before you begin serving the network.

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It’s a savvy idea

These days, more CCNA employments are accessible throughout the world, and to get one effectively, having the CCNA certificate is a savvy decision.

It will help you in the long run

The learning procured through the CCNA certificate will enable you to tackle more issues in networking. You will be able to effectively utilize your knowledge to concentrate on other networking modules, for example, CCNA security, CNA voice, and CCNA wireless.

Benefits of the Employer

Another basic reality – let’s assume, you are one of the competitors shortlisted for an extreme IT employment, and all of you hold a similar dimension of experience, at that point the person who is CCNA certified would rise as the victor. Also, the employers out there will undoubtedly take their choices based on certain constrained data. So, if you have a CCNA certification in your portfolio, they feel guaranteed that you have accomplished ability in the IT field.

These are some of the basic reasons why you should get a CCNA certification. It is quite an easy way to be the most in-demand and acknowledged employee in your IT Company.

How to get a CCNA certification?

You will have to take and clear any of the below-mentioned exams in order to get CCNA certified.

  1. CCNA 640-821 exam Intro Beta- Introduction to Cisco Networking Technologies
  2. CCNA 640-801 exam- Introduction to Cisco Networking Technologies and Interconnecting Cisco Networking Devices
  3. CCNA 640-811 ICND exam- Interconnecting Cisco Networking Devices

Enroll yourself in a CCNA training program to guarantee the outstanding results in any of the examinations. Alongside agreeing to accept a CCNA training program driven by a professional instructor, you should also pursue studying online.

Once you are ready for the test, make sure to get CCNA certified. Let me assure you will be happy you did and you will see your worth raising in the IT industry sooner than ever.

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