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CCAT at a Glance: 5 Tips To Ace The Test!

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CCAT at a Glance: 5 Tips To Ace The Test!

CCAT, the Criteria Cognitive Aptitude Test is a pre-employment aptitude test that aims to help you land in your dream job. It measures your ability to solve problems, use and interpret new information, and to think critically.

Further, the process of being in the new job and hired by the reputed organizations has now become a race where every candidate has to plunge many hurdles to get the desired job. Of course, the respective degrees are also required; the cognitive skills have become an important factor in getting your desired job.

But, what are the criteria cognitive aptitude test?

CCAT (aka Criteria Cognitive Aptitude Test) will measure your ability to learn new things, to digest the old methods, to solve critical issues, and to think out of the box. Recruiters, today consider the CCAT as the most accurate and productive method of hiring candidates.

Your overall score and performance in the aptitude test will show how easily you can solve any issue and how good you are in picking new things. They will gauge upon how good and efficient you will be in the organization.

The Overview Of Criteria Cognitive Aptitude Test:

There will be 50 questions in the criteria cognitive test with questions from three sections:

You need to complete these questions in 15-minutes. This also means you will only get 20 seconds or less to answer every question. But, not every candidate attempt all questions correctly; they rush only on attempting questions, not on answering the correct. This is the reason you need to learn how to ace the criteria cognitive aptitude test.

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Tips To Pass The Criteria Cognitive Test:

Take Mock Tests:

To ace the criteria cognitive test and to score high, spend time in practicing the sample tests and mock test. Work on scoring in the spatial, verbal, and logical reasoning questions. Practicing will make you familiar with the test pattern and the questions you are going to encounter.

Don’t Rush On Attempting Questions, Stay Relaxed And Calm:

Of course, there will be time running to one side of the screen, don’t rush with the clock to complete all questions. Instead, focus on attempting the correct one to score well. Stay stress free and relaxed; follow a healthy diet to keep yourself relaxed. Arrive early on the test day to have a look at the test center.

Work On The Time-Management:

Since there will be clock tickling on your screen, don’t rush on completing all given questions just to impress your recruiter. There’s no use of attempting all questions with only a few corrections. Also, there’s no penalty on the wrong answer, which means you can make an educated guess and can move to the next one.

Your ability to fill correct answers will indicate your ability to process complex info and your ability to deal with such situations on the job.

Your Strengths Are Your Real Power:

When practicing, you will encounter questions that you can easily attempt and the one that are bit difficult. Find your strengths and use them in the test to score well. While some candidates are good at percentages, some are grammar experts while others have weak vocabulary, so find your strengths and then move.

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Moreover, if you encounter questions that take more than the average time, guess them and move to the next question. It’s not worth on losing 15-20 seconds of trying question in the test and then moving without attempting.

Follow The Test Strategy:

Your main goal for CCAT is to attempt questions you know, not on attempting maximum questions. Since there’s no negative marking, you can make a guess and move to the next question. Remember, do not spend much time on one specific question.

Clinching your dream job is a no easy task, but with the above tips and regular practice, you can score high and can be the favorite candidate of recruiters!

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