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What is the Best Way to Learn Spanish? 7 Effective Methods

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Did you know that there are around 400 million native Spanish speakers? That makes it the second most common native language in the world!

Being so widely spoken, it’s no surprise that more and more people are learning Spanish. It can unlock tons of opportunities around the world, from work to travel, making it a useful skill to have.

But learning a language isn’t easy. Whether you or your little one are trying to pick it up, you’re going to need plenty of resources to help you out.

Check out our guide on the best ways to learn Spanish.

1. Online Tutoring

Skip classroom education and opt for online tutoring instead when you’re learning Spanish. It’s cheaper, more flexible, and one-on-one so you can get personalized lessons. What could be better?

There are online tutors around the world who can teach you the language from your living room. Some of them are native, others are fluent, but all of them can help you! They can give you feedback on your speech and customize lessons to suit your needs, giving you five-star teaching.

You can also pick tutors for different ages, so if you have little ones find a teacher that’s used to working with kids.

2. Spanish Talkbox

What is the best way to learn Spanish with kids? There isn’t a one size fits all answer, but we love Talkbox.

This handy app and resource box keeps your learning on track, making it easy to get started. It’s designed to help you teach your child Spanish at home and provides lots of different ways to learn.

On the app, you can save useful phrases and listen to native audio, helping you and your kids speak like a pro. You’ll also get tons of useful resources, like a language guide you can put up in your home. There are also lots of tips to help you make the most of their tools and teach your little ones with ease!

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3. Sticky Notes

If you’re wondering ‘What is the best way to learn Spanish?’, sometimes the simplest methods can work the best. They’re tried, tested, and known to be effective! One such method is using sticky notes around your home.

You can write down keywords or phrases on your notes and stick them in areas you see a lot. Some great spots to put yours include mirrors, kitchen cupboards, and around your laptop screen.

By popping these up in your home, you’ll see the same words over and over, helping them get stuck in your head. It’s a great technique if you’re struggling to remember the spelling of certain phrases or want to quickly expand your vocabulary!

4. Work Together

One of the best ways to learn Spanish as an adult is to partner up. Find a friend or family member who wants to become fluent too and start your language learning journey.

By working together, you can give each other much-needed motivation. From pushing each other through competitiveness to providing sympathy when it gets tough, you can’t underestimate the power of a partner.

Set goals together and hold each other accountable. Test each other, and work together to find tons of resources you can both use.

5. Spanish Podcasts

One of the best ways to learn Spanish as an adult is by listening to Podcasts. They’re especially useful if you’re always busy because you can listen to them while you do your chores! Learn how to greet people whilst doing the laundry and brush up on vocabulary when you pick the kids up from school.

6. Language Learning Books

If you’re looking for ways to learn Spanish with kids, try out language learning books. You can find books to cover every age range and ability so you can make sure your child is progressing without making learning too hard. Try out activity books for more visual, hands-on learners.

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You can also find storybooks to help your children learn. It’s no secret kids love to hear tales, so why not incorporate some Spanish into their bedtime story? From reading in Spanish for more advanced learners to replacing some words in the books they have with the Spanish alternative, it’s an easy way to help them learn.

7. Make it a Habit

It takes 66 days to create a new habit. That might sound like a long time, but once you start learning it’ll fly by! If you’re serious about working out how to learn Spanish, you should make it a habit.

This means sitting down to learn every single day. To make sure it works, try picking a specific time to learn – such as 20 minutes before dinner – and stick to it. You don’t have to work for a long time but keep doing it every single day and it’ll soon become a habit.

Eventually, you’ll be sitting down to learn without even thinking about it!

This is a great technique to help kids learn, too. Little ones thrive from routine and knowing they’ll be sitting down to learn at the same time every day can prevent tantrums. If you can turn language learning into a habit for your child, it’ll become a breeze!

Find the Best Way to Learn Spanish!

Learning Spanish can be tough, but with the right resources and techniques, anyone can do it – even your little ones! We recommend taking a look at lots of different tools and combining them. Once you’ve tried a lot, you’ll figure out a method for the best way to learn Spanish for you.

For more advice, be sure to read more of our articles!

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