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Let the Lessons Begin! The Benefits of Music Education for School Aged Children

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benefits of music education

Do you know about the benefits of music education?

Wondering if you should let your kids take music lessons?

Learning music at a young age can be very beneficial for your children and comes with a lot of benefits you may not realize. This is true no matter what your child’s instrument of choice is whether it’s the guitar, the violin, the piano, the harmonica, or another instrument.

Playing music can help your child play some beautiful melodies but can also help them perform better in other parts of their lives as well.

Below are some of the best benefits of music education for children.

1. Higher IQs

One of the biggest benefits of music education is that it can improve the cognitive skills of children.

Studies have found that learning music may improve your child’s IQ. Kids who have studied music have also been found to perform better in classes and on test scores. Music can help your child improve the spatial-temporal skills that can help them in subjects such as math and science.

Because kids who learn music as part of their K-12 education often perform better in school, many educators are starting to take notice.

Many teachers these days are getting degrees such as Masters in Music Education to better implement music in the classroom. Degrees from Rutgers University such as the RU MMME help teachers use music in the classroom. As a result, many students are performing better than ever in their other studies as well.

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2. Better Language Development

Another big benefit of music education is that it can improve a child’s language processing skills. It’s been found that kids who have studied music have an easier time learning a language because music uses some of the same parts of the brain as language learning and comprehension does.

These skills are essential throughout K-12 education and students who have learned music are likely to do a better job in English classes. This may also benefit them when learning a foreign language as well.

3. Improved Physical Skills

Music can also help kids develop better physical skills and to become more comfortable with using their bodies.

Instruments such as drums and other percussion instruments are very active and require plenty of coordination and motor skills to play. However, the keyboard, the guitar, and other instruments will require plenty of skills as well, since children will be using both the left and right hands at the same time for different actions.

This type of increased coordination can help your children quite a bit when it comes to playing sports or when performing other important tasks.

4. Increased Mental and Emotional Strength

Music education for young ages can also help to build discipline and can improve mental and emotional strength in several ways.

Firstly, playing an instrument can help children to build self-esteem. As they learn new concepts and apply them in new ways they’ll learn to trust their own abilities.

Playing musical instruments will also improve patience and discipline. A child will have to practice regularly in order to see their skills improve, but as they do, they’ll feel the rewards of their efforts.

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Music can teach them that learning something new requires patience and discipline but can be worth it in the end. They may also be more well-behaved in the classroom as a result.

Helping Your Child Experience the Benefits of Music Education

While there are more benefits of music education than the ones listed above, these are some of the main ways that you can expect your kids to benefit. Make sure you consider these if you’re trying to decide if music education is right for your children.

Want to learn more about music education? Click here to learn more about how music and sports can help with your children’s development.

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