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11 Brainstorming Techniques to Help You Craft the Perfect Essay

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11 Brainstorming Techniques to Help You Craft the Perfect Essay

Brainstorming refers to writing down an idea that simply comes into the mind. When writing down your academic essay, you should be cautious with how you present out your information. Before you begin drafting anything, especially that moment when you are assembling your thoughts, consider nothing down as fast as possible anything that crosses your mind. There are a variety of brainstorming techniques that I have employed to do my homework to craft a perfect essay and let me discuss them below.

     1. Free Writing

Grab either a pen with your paper or a computer and start jotting down whatever keyword that comes into your mind. This procedure might end up being messy, but it’s quite effective especially when it comes to gathering your ideas with no pressure of creating a factual draft.

     2. Stay Organized

If you find the idea of pouring your thoughts on a piece of paper quite difficult or rather it makes you get blank, you shouldn’t worry. There are quite a number of orderly ways one can use to brainstorm with the use of a diagram which includes the Venn diagram and the Spider Diagram. This will help you gather your ideas and furthermore keep them very much organized.

     3. Use of An Idea Map

It is also referred to as clustering. It involves sketching a web of interconnection. Sketching a map of your thoughts is helpful in a variety of ways. For instance, some people will find it much easier seeing a viewable representation of their ideas, which will further help them think of more ideas to add on. Sketching a map will also help you view your thoughts from a different angle and how they tend to connect to each other. Furthermore, it will guide you on how to organize your essay.

In the middle of your drawn map, note down your topic and engrave it with a circle around it. When you think of a new idea, note it down and also draw a circle around it. You can connect it to the main idea by drawing an arrow towards it to show how they are connected. Continue writing down ideas and connect them to the main ideas. You might not end up using all your ideas, but it is very important to note them down just in case you might need them.

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     4. Idea List

Instead of drawing a map, other people would prefer creating an idea list. This is one straightforward method of brainstorming though it isn’t that visual as of drawing a map. With the use of an idea list, one is able to find and record his or her ideas. With this, you are also able to brainstorm quite a number of ideas whereby in the end you will be able to have a variety to choose from to be used in your essay. Before you start listing your ideas, write your topic. This will guide you in listing your ideas.

     5. Reading

Reading can also fire up the writing of an essay process. Once you have finished one chapter or paragraph of your essay, copy down a passage on a different page and not down some ideas about it. This is a perfect way of forcing yourself to continue writing.

     6. Comparison

Note down contrasts, comparison, oppositions and a variety of analogies. For instance, if you are writing an essay about antidepressants. You can start by contrasting between poison and what is medicine. Through comparing you might also discover that medicine can actually be poisonous.

     7. The Use of The 5W’s

When brainstorming on what to write your essay, don’t forget to use 5w’s. They include; What? When? Where? Who? and Why? These questions will guide you answering certain questions in your essay in detail not leaving out any important information.

     8. Collection of Ideas

Once you have created your idea list, you can go ahead and collect your ideas. This is the perfect time for you to create your thoughts into an essay. Read thoroughly through your collected list and identify the ones that will perfectly fit in your essay according to the following;

  • Introduction.
  • 1st Body.
  • 2nd Body.
  • 3rd Body.
  • Conclusion.
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     9. Definitions

It is never necessary to define well popular words but investigating and knowing the origin of such words and their meanings will shed light on the essay topic you are writing about.

     10. Description

If you are stuck and don’t know how or where exactly to begin your essay, you can start it with a description. For example, a description of an area, or a description of something just to kick start off your essay.

     11. Set and Hit Target

If you are brainstorming, aim for a particular number of ideas and don’t give up until you hit your target. Make sure to fill up your page because it will give you a hint and a direction on how you will write up your essay.

Conclusively, make sure to use each and every method during your pre-writing stage, do enough research, and don’t be afraid to get back to your books again so that you can fill-up your mapping ideas. Following the above tips, I am sure, the brainstorming ideas will now help you to write paper perfectly and effectively.

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