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10 Key Elements of a Speech that Rocks

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A great number of people are afraid of public speeches because it’s a very disturbing procedure. If you need a winning speech then it’s necessary to pay attention to all the details. Every word and every sound must be convincing. If you do really think that you can become successful without making a striking speech, then you risk remaining unnoticed or keeping in the background. It’s not a secret that politicians and other influential people ask professionals to compose a captivating speech for them. You may inquire “who can write a speech for me then”? There are many writing agencies which can do that qualitatively so that you may worry not about the content but only about the presentation.

10 Hints to Compose a Perfect Speech

Professional speechwriters recommend using following hints for speech writing and way of its presentation.

You don’t write it for yourself but for your audience

When writing a speech you should pay more attention to your audience than to your personal preferences. Even if you adore your speech, you should be ready to face the disapproval in case you don’t take into consideration your listener’s interests.

Leave something memorable

The quote taken from the whole speech performed by John Kennedy can be remarkable. Do you remember his words about things you can do for your country without some specific reward? Surely you do. A few people can recall the content of that public address but everyone remembers these words. Why? The reason is in its contrasting nature which goal was to grab the audience’s attention.  Your speech should also have such a striking statement. You can use different means to attract attention like analogies, rhetorical questions, axioms, surprising facts, and metaphors. All of them are effective. Don’t forget to place them somewhere at the beginning for everyone to hear and remember.

Make it catchy till the end

Some speakers start and finish good but forget to make the whole presentation remarkable. That usually happens if the ideas have no logical connection. Any speech requires the path and the predetermined end of a journey. The audience should know the purpose of things they hear. If the topic is interesting for them they will listen to it till the last word which, by the way, must be surpassing.

First and last words make sense

Psychologists state that a person can accept the information clearly during the first 10 minutes and when they hear the words that show that the speaker is concluding. That’s why the beginning and the end must be really good and even shocking.

Choose the right tone of the message

First, you should choose whether your speech must be informative, convincing, or motivating and only then start writing.

Combine words with the body language

Each person possesses two languages: oral (body) and body (gestures). They must coincide but not controvert each other.

Repeat the key points

When you want your audience to focus on the key point of your message, you are to repeat it in different parts of the speech. That’s the best option to involve the target auditory in your speech.  

Make significant pauses

Pausing matters much. It lets a person concentrate and think over the most essential issues of the speech.

Be an actor

People like theatre and live performance. So, play to impress and convince everyone.

Neither too long nor too short

It’s very important not to overdo. If you speak a little, the audience will think that you lack words or you are narrow-minded. If you speak too much, people will lose the interest and the speech will fail.

Don’t Forget About the Uniqueness

One more important thing a person should avoid is copying somebody’s words. Yes, you may cite someone but quotes have nothing to do with stealing. Why is that so important? Imagine that you have heard someone talking. You like what you’ve heard but then you hear the same words from someone else. How would you feel? That will be an awkward situation for you and for both speakers because it will be hard to prove who the author is. It can turn out that no one is and that both speakers have stolen the speech. That’s why it’s necessary to type the speech and check plagiarism free to avoid such awkward situations.


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