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Voice Search for SEO: An Extensive Guide to Get Started with Voice Search Optimization

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Voice Search for SEO

Voice search is an emerging technology that is gaining immense popularity with the passing days. It is indeed an incredible technology that has enabled the users to make internet search using voice commands. It is indeed an excellent option for any Smartphone that makes your accessing experience a lot more. You have to add us some instructions in your device, and you will be there with the provided results. Various voice search options have been developed till date making it even much better. Google Assistant Voice command option and SIRI for Apple are admirable options that are being used by millions of people worldwide. Amazon Echo and Google Home Assistants are some other advanced options for the same that indeed amaze the consumers with the beautiful features.

The voice search option is also being used by business entrepreneurs these days. A large number of customers are using voice search option for products, resources and local businesses so that to match the latest trends of search method gobbles at an increasing pace. Getting started is really can be a problem and especially for the beginners due to the involvement of various complexions in it. We have put here the best method to get started with Voice Search Optimization along with the SEO for voice search revolution so that to make the entire concept much simpler for you.

What is the need of Voice Search?

Voice Search is a commendable option and especially for the entrepreneurs to go through different search options. It not only makes your searching tasks such similar but also enables you to save a lot of your precious time typing as well. The growth of the technology has taken over a breakneck pace due to its involvement in the business sector as well. The accuracy rates of speech recognition technology also have been raised to a greater extent and hence also affected the number of total voice searches as well. The sale of some voice-activated speakers also has been increased with a great pace which is expected to take for about 75% of household till 2020. The voice search has affected the growth of business very effectively. As per a survey conducted 39% of the voice-activated speaker users love to find the business information using this device and the number is still enhancing at a breakneck pace.

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Working of Voice Search Work?

The working of Voice Search devices depends upon an elementary principle. The entire process includes a series of tasks to perform every time the users ask for a query. Moreover, the voice search gradually works with the accuracy and pronunciation of the users to offer best results in future as well.

  • Whenever we add a query into the voice search, it correctly transforms the human words into the related text by using speed recognition method as per your requirement.
  • This text is then being converted into parsed text by understanding its grammar.
  • The parsed text is then being analyzed to detect the input commands and requests for action.
  • The voice search device then uses multiple technologies to search different websites and servers to do further with the action.
  • The related results are then being translated into a natural language with the help of text to speech technology, easy to understand by the users.

Voice Search Optimization: Tips for optimizing your website for Voice Search

Select multiple snippets to your site:

It is one of the best things we can perform for improving the Voice Search optimization of your website. The SERP features of a website are one of the most critical aspects of quality and life updates for the searchers that enable the users to get best results for their answers and that too in a swift way.

Create an FAQ section:

Having a part of FAQs in any website helps the developers to know about its pros and cons as per the user’s perspectives. You can use these pros and cons for improving the quality of your voice search option. As we have mentioned you earlier that the virtual assistant of any voice search device uses up natural language processing technology to understand the questions so that to find out the related answers for it and hence the FAQs will help the users in selecting snippets in a straightforward and specific way.

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Implement Structured Data:

Structured data is one of another most important reason for having a perfect voice search optimization for any website. As we all know the thing that almost all of the engines are too complex and sophisticated to work upon, and hence we can make their tasks much more comfortable by describing with classification, and information with proper indexing.

Use of Long Tail Keywords and Question Phrases:

Long tail keywords and question phrases are one of the most important aspects behind the success of voice search optimization of any website. Voice assistants use machine learning language for analyzing and contextualizing the human speech.  Most of the users command the voice assistant through questions or using long tail keywords and having the same in your website will add more into its success.

Local search optimization:

Don’t forget to optimize your voice assistant as per local search. As per a survey conducted a considerable number of people worldwide uses voice search for finding out the local information. Therefore before going further with Google voice assistant, it is better to know whether you have prepared it for the same or not.

Remain updated with social media sources:

It is another one of the most beautiful things that anyone can better do for gaining better results in voice search optimization. Instead of keeping more focus on producing high quality and engaging content, you should need to have voice search well engaged on social media platforms as well. It is one of the best ways through which you can remain updated and aware about the various ongoing advancements in the market on regular basis.

Author Bio: This article is a guest contribution from Soumik Ghosh who is a blogger and SEO consultant with over 8+ years of experience in SEO, PPC, and Digital Marketing. He writes for his own blog Tekkibytes.com When he is not working he likes to play football and study Google Analytics which he thinks is the best web analytics platform existed ever!

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  1. Mudassir

    May 16, 2019 at 8:38 am

    No doubt, voice search is emerging now. And, the tips you have provided to optimize voice search are really helpful. Keep writing such.


    • admin

      May 16, 2019 at 10:38 am

      I agree, Mudussair. Voice search and voice recognition for on-page SEO are becoming a reality in the industry now.


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