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Tips to make most out of email marketing

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Tips to make most out of email marketing

If you think that email marketing is futile in a world that relies on social media, we suggest you give it a second thought.

While many of you might have given up on email marketing, you’ll see many businesses confidently sending emails to their subscribers and potential ones too and are not as hopeless as you were when you tried your luck with it.

Email marketing is one of the most important types of marketing that requires a well-thought-out strategy to yield results.

If you are thinking of giving the unpredictable guy (pun intended) another chance then here are a few tips that will help you make the most out of email marketing:

Pick your targets

In all honesty, we all hate companies spamming emails, don’t we? If one’s email is glutted with spam and a company that might be of any interest to them is one of those spammers, the chances of the person opening that mail is minuscule. You don’t want your company to be that unlucky, obviously.

So, to prevent (we can’t guarantee this because Google is smarter than us all) your email to be recognized as spam try to limit the number of people you send the emails to. Target the subscribers first and then identify people who are more likely to give your email a read. Once identified, focus on this limited pool so that you do not miss a potential customer in the greed of reaching out to more people.

Always remember that email marketing does not work like social media marketing. You do not want the message to reach out to more people through emails (that’s the job of the social media). Emails are forgetting the potential leads.

Make the content worth it

Imagine that a person who has never heard about you before opens your email and reverts from it immediately; one potential customer lost right there. Now, this is why the content of the email is said to be the hero of email marketing. It is the content that can develop a person’s interest in the product.

Two things that are a must for the content; (a) a compelling subject, and (b) engaging overall content.  The subject line is crucial because it is the first thing that a person will see when they get the email. If the subject sounds compelling, they will open the email right away. So, make sure that the subject line gets their attention.

Once they open the email, the content takes it from there. Use your persuasion skills but do not overdo them. We all hate companies begging us to give their products a try. Maintain your class and mold your content in such a way that the reader knows that you know what you are talking about. Be relevant and do not beat around the bush. Try to keep it brief and to the point. Incorporate call-to-action message as it is one of the most effective ways to make the reader actually consider the product.

Make them mobile-friendly

With the majority of the populace checking their emails on commute using their phones, your emails need to be mobile-friendly.

If the emails are not adjusted for a mobile screen format, a huge chunk of a potential client will be missed. Make sure your emails are crafted to adjust in smartphone and tablet screens. Also, split the email into small paragraphs rather than a single continuous one as it increases its readability factor on small screens as well.

Optimize emails for added value

Does that sound odd to you? Well, it is not that odd. Optimizing email here means that to make sure that the emails you send are in coherence with the ads or the posts you might be putting up on other platforms. This is an old-school strategy but works pretty well. If your email contains the same keywords as your ad another digital platform, the chances are that it will be of more interest to the person who has already seen your advertisement. For instance, imagine if you see a billboard of a new product and then go home and find an email about it, would not you be more intrigued about opening the email? To leave an impression on the viewers, you have to play it smart.

There are numerous SEO specialists VM Interactive & Healthy Links offering freelance services online that you can benefit from.

Keep these essential tips in mind while crafting your email marketing strategy and just be patient.

Happy marketing!

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