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Ranking And Content Writing Factors For AI Search On Google

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Since the day of its launch, Google has developed so many changes in its working, guidelines, and policies, just to provide its users with the best searching experience. From 10,000 searches per day, today it is providing more than 50,000 searches in a second. With so many people using the search engine every day, Google is now focusing on machine learning and AI (artificial intelligence) to update the algorithms and monitor search engine trends.

In order to remain at the top on SERPs (search engine result pages), online businesses and marketers have to work in accordance with Google’s ranking factors and algorithms. Over the last few years, Google has made so many advancements in the important aspects of artificial intelligence such as natural language processing, voice recognition, image recognition, and more. What may be more shocking for you is that it is now using AI, while ranking the sites on its result pages. To know more about this, please read on this post.

Content and Ranking Factors for Google AI Search

Traditional Algorithms Or AI Type Algorithms

Google has been using artificial intelligence in ranking for almost a year. The main purpose behind bringing the concept of Google AI search is to accurately understand what the user wants to find when he/she types any word or phrase in the search query bar. On the basis of it, the search engine finds and ranks only those websites, which answer the user’s queries in an exact manner. Hence, working in accordance with AI type algorithms is very important for improved ranking.

While optimizing your website according to these algorithms, don’t neglect the significance of traditional ranking factors such as headings, links, alt attributes, and others. This is because AI type algorithms work after traditional algorithms have already done their things. So, your focus should be on all ranking algorithms.

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Content Writing Factors For Ranking In Google AI Search

As we all know that content is the king of SEO, so it would be good to consider content as the most important ranking factor. There are three main content facts that you should never forget for improved AI search ranking and these are as follows –

  1. Select highly impressive images and use them in your content, be it an article, blog, or website content. If you’re outsourcing accurate website content writing services from any company or a professional writer, make sure that they carefully choose and use the images. It can help you with a better ranking of a website in Google image search and appear in featured snippets to quickly come into the searcher’s attention.
  2. Google considers your content ‘topic’ as one of the most important factors for search algorithms. Any problem in the topic of a webpage would result in a lower ranking position. Hence, if you are writing content for an informational site, take out a good amount of time to find the best topic.
  3. From the starting, it is believed that keyword research and analysis is the best SEO tactic to rank in the first position. As we already discussed above that Google AI emphasizes on understanding the searcher’s query in detail, so while optimizing the content, your focus should not only be on keyword research, but also on understanding what does the user mean by the word or phrase entered in the search bar.

Ranking Factors

Like content factors, there are some ranking factors that are considered extremely important according to AI search algorithms. Both content and ranking factors contribute equally to optimizing the website for AI search.

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When you are using images, make sure that you add informative and relevant content around that picture, providing Google with the idea of what your image is all about. While doing so, there comes the need to use a ranking factor of including an image URL, which gives the description of a specific picture.

The ‘alt’ attribute is another important ranking factor that must be used in a way that is recommended by the search engines. This allows the search engine to determine the purpose of your image, which eventually makes it rank higher in the Google image search.

The use of alt tags along with content also boosts the ranking of an entire webpage or a whole website. That means you don’t have to depend completely either on traditional ranking factors or new factors. None of these can bring your website to the top alone. Both are equally important. Hence, emphasize on content quality and its proper optimization along with the use of traditional ranking factors.


Ranking high for Google, which uses artificial intelligence for around 30% of search queries, is not an easy job. It becomes more difficult nowadays because the majority of the website owners and online marketers are working on how to become friendly to AI search algorithms. If you don’t want to lack behind your competitors, emphasize on using these abovementioned content and ranking factors. So, don’t underestimate the significance of AI, as it is predicted that Google will give much preference to it in the coming years.

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