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How to Rank for Authority Keywords Without Backlinks

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Rank for Authority Keywords Without Backlinks

This case study blog is going to proof that backlinks do not matter when the content you have created is of high quality and keyword research have been done correctly due to a secret ranking strategy which I just unleashed working on several niche websites and got ranked for high search volume authority keywords without building any backlinks. Not a lot of people know about it and those who know it want to keep it secret so that they can keep all the money in their pockets only.

Even the Brain Dean do not mentioned this strategy in his More than 200+ Google ranking factors on his backlinko blog.

The excellent fact about this unique technique is that no one needs to be an expert for ranking for authority keywords and anyone can rank without even building a single backlink as this has been the strongest of all.

This one works in every niche whether it is home improvement, electronic products, applications and software, technology and others. The ranking revolves around the keyword research and finding out the exact monthly searches in Google keyword planner tool.

Finally, people must be anxious about what the Secret Ranking Technique is and how it works?

As the name can only reveal many things which is, “Year Jacking Ranking Technique”

Smartcarestud Case Study

This simply means to be the first and quick in generating high quality content and rank before the others do on a year based keyword. Revealing the things before others competitive websites and outrank them all within a few days. This works same as the first who is breaking news and taking all the credit by itself.

Shubham Prasad of Smartcarestud is the first one who have found this technique.

How the “Year jack Ranking Technique” can be used by anyone to outrank big top value brands and competitors in the niche?

This Year jacking Technique works great if you are the first to rank for it like the breaking news.

As you all know, Google provides most value to the first as the quotation “First come first serve”. Revealing something along with high quality content and proper keyword research can rank you for major keywords. Right?

This thing needs to be understood first,

As it appears “Year jacking” is the most new, secret and perfectly working seo technique among all the strongest ranking factors ever being revealed online.

Something which you need to know about the Micro niche site?

People may not earn much in the current year for the targeted keyword.  Why that so?

At the time of writing the blog post there would be no competition present as you are targeting the upcoming year and also being the first to present something high quality article about the particular keyword on your micro niche site. So Google will definitely present your site at the top as you are the first one to reveal the news or niche blog for the targeted year keyword. After 3 to 4 days of your post indexed it will be ranking for the first page on Google without even building a single backlink above the other big competitors who have lots of backlinks juice flowing.

The first page top 10 rankings can be maintained throughout the year if 300+ words of content are updated on the post after every 2 to 3 months of time.

After the Introduction, let’s get started with the DSLR camera case study.

In this case study I will be presenting a micro niche site based on the keyword DSLR camera which generated $500+ revenue within 4 months of time and got sold out more an excellent 4 figure income on the popular website selling marketplace empire flippers.

The best things about this case study is that

  • There are actually no cost involved in ranking this website instead of the domain and hosting
  • The SSL certificate used here was totally free of cost from Let’s Encrypt Corporation
  • No cost for building of high authority backlinks spent instead of comment, forum and web 2.0 links

Introduction to the successful micro niche site which is still now performing great on the Google search rankings.

The website have been sold and due to the legal certificate between me and the buyer will not be able to disclose the website’s url as it can even effect the website’s ranking on the search engines.

But I will be revealing all the income stats, rankings, affiliate earnings and expenses about the micro niche site.

The domain got registered in the year 2017 in the month of July and was based on a specific keyword which was “Best DSLR Cameras”.

In the starting days, I just downloaded and installed one of the Studiopress Genesis Themes mainly the Academy Pro as it was the best when compared to others in terms of speed, performance, design and size. After installing the theme, the next which I did was making the legal pages like contact me, disclaimer, privacy policy and about me pages. As these are important for gaining authority and trust in front of Google.

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Now the basic requirements of all the site was setup and was ready to go.

After all that, it was the perfect time to start adding my money posts. The first article which I added based on Top 10 “product” reviews was a lengthy article which was used to about 5000+ words in average along with comparison table(Table press) and filled with images got from the Amazon Affiliate membership.

Targeted Keyword: Best DSLR Cameras 2018 – Reviews and Buyer’s Guide. ( Now the secret is this lengthy article have been written by me in the August of 2017 but I targeted a keyword based on year “2018” and as there was no competition at that time I ultimately got ranked for the keyword at the #1 place of google first page within 3 days of my article indexing above the authority website competitors like trusted reviews and more)

Thus, this is the reason the technique is named “Year Jacking”

Along with the money article I also added several 3 to 4 informative articles which were bring link juice to the money article by internal linking as it is important and regarded as Google’s trusted ranking factor.

As there was no competition at that time for the “2018” based keyword it was really easy for my high quality article to make a place in the top 5 suddenly. But as soon as I added my informative articles and connected to main article via internal linking it jacked the first place on Google.

As soon as the article was ranked it started generating some targeted traffic from countries like United States, United Kingdom, Canada, India, China and others. It aslo started ranking for 2018 based several long tail keywords like dslr camera 2018, best dslr camera for professionals in 2018, dslr camera for beginners 2018, top dslr cameras 2018, dslr camera reviews 2018 and many more.

Smartcarestud Affiliate Income

With lots of luck supporting me from my back, I made my first income within 1 month of opening this website which was $78 as commission made from my first 3 sales of selling DSLR cameras online. The other 4 sales shown in the image are of small home improvement tools which the buyer too bought along with them and I got an extra commission.

Suddenly the traffic started increasing by it’s own and high authority natural backlinks started flowing in without even having my effort to make it though. Due to the natural backlinks and high user experience and low bounce rate it started ranking for more long tail keywords.

Also I generated more than $200 to $300 as commission from Amazon from next month onwards and the highest sale was seen in the month of November to January getting almost 400-500 unique targeted visitors per day.

After generating more than $1000 in just 4 to 5 months I decided to sold this website for a 4 figure price worth on Empire Flippers in the middle of the month of January.

What is the current situation of the site?

The site is still ranking for many heavy traffic long tail keywords and bringing in lots of money and natural backlinks for the buyer. As the articles were lengthy, informative and user friendly they were able to attract links naturally. The site needs to be updated monthly to outrank the competitors on a monthly basis and secure it’s number 1 position. Here’s the

Year Jacking Ranking Technique: Detailed Guide to Rank for authority keywords without backlinks

1) Keyword Research

Keyword Research is the foremost thing which should be done long before starting and running a website. Many newbie blog writers start writing content without analyzing the competitors. That is the problem today, many new bloggers target a keyword like link building which have been already crowded by top quality websites like backlinko, Neil patel and monitor backlinks blog. New websites are never going to rank for that even with building lots of backlinks.

But with this Year Jacking strategy, there is no need to bang your head in the wall for finding low competition niches. Choose any niche that you want to target because you are going to add the upcoming year at the last which will eliminate all the competition on search engines. Keep in mind that the competition is less in the upcoming year too.

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Take care of the keyword Monthly search volume and traffic. Let me show you the whole concept including examples.

Suppose you are targeting the keyword “Best Golf Irons 2019” so in 2018 the competition for the 2019 keyword is low and anyone can easily rank for the article without any backlinks as you can see the current competition.

In the current competition most of the articles are optimized for the 2018 keyword but as your article is based on 2019, your content is going to rank at the position 1 on google. And if the below steps are done correctly your micro niche site would be generating lots of traffic and affiliate income.

The traffic will be low for the current year but in the year 2019 when the traffic will divert your article will be already ranking for the keyword and will generate lots of income and natural backlinks too.

2) Publishing High Quality Content & On Page SEO

smartcarestud writing style

In this section there is almost no shortcut to be used. For ranking higher and giving google the reason why your content should be at the top your content must be highly optimized including the perfect ratio.

Major points which should be followed while writing the articles

  • The targeted keyword Best “product” 2019 must be used in the first paragraph, title, sub headings, images and at the last paragraph.
  • For on page seo this complete seo guide must be read
  • Outgoing links to high authority sites are important after internal linking
  • Content length must be more than 2000+ words

For better understanding about writing niche related product reviews take a look at this best toaster ovens – buyer’s guide and reviews.

3) Off Page Search Engine Optimization

As i already mentioned that for the above technique to work there are no need of any backlinks but some social signals and comment backlinks are too required.

  • Make 10 to 15 comment nofollow and dofollow comments from different sites
  • Getting social signals are necessary to give a boost to your article. For creating social signals try Addmefast.com which can provide twitter, facebook, google plus, Pinterest pins just for some credits
  • Do not forget to get your website pinged at IMT website submitter which can submit your website to various ping tools so that your newly added posts and articles can get indexed quickly
  • Link building is not wrong but if done correctly can get your website immense authority. For this you can web 2.0 links and try some free bookmarking sites. Other than Profile link building, submitting to directory websites and image sharing for links can do the work.

Even if you want to rank for the main keywords some authority link building will be required which you can get here:

  • 15 Biggest tips for Link Building and Search Engine Optimization

4) Maintaining Evergreen Rankings

As you all know no website can stick to a position for lifetime and start receiving traffic rest of his life. For maintaining the rankings on the first page of google, the content needs to be monthly updated with 300+ words, images or videos.

For example if you have a product related article the following things must be done on monthly basis,

  • Addition and increasing of words every month to keep it fresh in respect to Google algorithm
  • Exclusion and inclusion of old and new product review articles which are not in the market anymore from your micro niche site
  • Keep in touch of the new best sellers and do not forget to mention at the top for increase in the number of affiliate sales

Content updating is one of the most popular ranking factors of Google and if done correctly can improve your overall website rankings including the informative articles too.

Try avoiding these 6 seo scams.


The overall conclusion is that this “Year Jacking Ranking Technique” works like a charm and can bring lots of traffic, natural backlinks and affiliate money if worked on correctly by producing high quality content and with strategic timing. The entire technique is divided into 4 parts which are the Keyword Research, Publishing high quality content of more than 5000+ words length, little bit of off page seo like the comment backlinks, forum backlinks, web 2.0 and social signals. The last one is about monthly updating the post with about 300+ words including images, videos to maintain the rankings and keep giving the competition and Google a reason a keep your article at the top of search rankings.

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