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How to Post on Instagram Stories with Links?

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Every day, Instagram consolidates as a key tool in terms of digital marketing. Its visual appeal and the diversity of functions it offers are some of the reasons for its effectiveness. That’s why today we’ll show you how to post stories with links on Instagram.

In this blog post we will explain what are the advantages of adding a link to your Instagram Stories?We will teach you how to do it, step by step. Finally, we will share with you 4 goals that you can achieve by sharing links in your stories.

Go for it!

What is the use of posting links in the Instagram stories of your business?

Unlike Facebook and Twitter, Instagram does not allow its users to include a link in their “normal” publications. That is why the platform provides this possibility in the stories, to benefit projects for commercial or promotional purposes.

There are many advantages to posting links in the Instagram stories of your brand or business, as we will see below.

Marketing benefits:

It allows you to derive Instagram traffic to your website.

It helps you promote a Landing Page to sell products to a specific audience that follows the contents of your brand.

It is very useful to promote your profiles of other Social Networks.

You can analyze the effectiveness of your link through services such as bit.ly.

Why post links in your Instagram stories and not Snapchat?

There are two compelling reasons to choose Instagram before Snapchat. One of them is that Instagram has a larger number of users, so the reach it provides is much more significant to reach audiences with a wide age range.

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Second, Instagram has a more commercial profile, while Snapchat was created as a platform to communicate between best friends, clearly aimed at a younger audience.

That said, we’ll show you how to post stories on Instagram with a link.

How to publish stories with links on Instagram?

The first thing you should know is that nor any Instagram account can publish stories with links, but only those that have a minimum of a certain number of followers. Specific:

Requirement to publish stories with links:

Have a minimum of 10,000 followers on Instagram or buy real Instagram followers

Have a commercial profile (not personal)

This was established by the Instagram team, making it clear in this way that it is a function purely aimed at commercial profiles.

So, to post stories with Instagram links here’s what you should do:

Create your Instagram story

You can upload an image or video as a story directly from the app, by sliding your finger from left to right on the home screen, or by tapping the profile picture of your company. This content may come from your image gallery or be created at the moment.

Add the URL of the link

To add the link to your story, click on the chain icon, available just at the top of your story.

A new window will appear on your screen, through which you can enter the destination URL that you choose. Enter the full address of the link in question and press the green checkbox in Android, or “Done” in iOS to save the link.

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Extra Tip!

Currently, the Instagram statistics service does not record the clicks of the links. For this reason, to measure your traffic and conversions, you must use a separate link tracker. This way you will be able to obtain data on how many clicks it has received from each Social Network and the site where you have shared your link.

For this task we advise you to use shortening links like Bit.ly, to create a shorter URL with which you can generate your metrics.

Once you have added the link to your story, the icon of the string will be highlighted to indicate that your story has a link.

Continue editing your story

After adding the URL, you can continue adding other content to your story, such as text, stickers, filters, geotags and hashtags. When finished, you should simply upload your story to your profile as you would normally.

Extra Tips:

We recommend you include a Call to Action in the text of your story to direct users to touch the link. Some of the most common options are “Swipe to see more” or “Tap to visit our website”.

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