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How to start a youtube channel for beginners

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How to start a youtube channel for beginners

How to get started on YouTube? This platform has enormous potential. Many Mexican or Latin American YouTubers earn absurd amounts of money, some of them without a college profession. How to start a YouTube channel? What do you need? Can I become a YouTuber? We have the answers to the first two questions and many more to help you understand the leading video platform system on the planet. In this article, we’re going to talk about how to start a youtube channel for beginners this year.

Getting know: How to start a youtube channel for beginners in 2020

Before you start, keep in mind the crucial importance of copyright or copyright for content creation. You can only upload your content or content from third parties from which you have obtained express authorization from the owner to use them. So guys, here are some of the steps that will help you.


Be consistent: The first thing you need is to publicize what you do, and for that, you will have to upload what you have. 

Bear in mind that all those YouTubers who have published books today and live off what they do, have started like you, or perhaps with less, by posting from webcams or cell phones and have grown immensely.

Perform a competitive analysis

Taking a closer look at what your competition does can teach you a lot about what works for your industry and what doesn’t. Because they are your competition, they most likely share the same target audience and similar marketing goals.

Create your google account: 

Before getting to the heart of this guide and explaining, in detail, how to create a YouTube channel, you need to know that to succeed in your intent, and you must have a Google account.

If you already have one, you can go directly to reading the next paragraphs, otherwise connected to the main Google page, press the Login button at the top right, and select the options Create an account and For me.

Process for creating a Gmail account – How to start a youtube channel for beginners

Then enter the required data in the Name and Surname fields and enter the username associated with your Google statement in the appropriate field. Alternatively, I was hoping you could select the option Use my current email address instead, to associate an existing email address with the Google account you are creating.

Password: Then enter a password that you will need to use to access your account in the Password and Confirm fields and press the Next button, then specify your date of birth using the drop-down menus DayMonth, and Year and indicate your gender. Choosing one of the available options between WomanManI prefer not to specify it and Customize it.


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Finally, click on the Next button, put the checkmarks next to the items I accept the Google Terms of Service. As described above, I get my data processing and, as explained in the privacy policies, click on the Create Account button to complete your Google account creation.


Therefore Connect to the famous video sharing platform’s main page:  If you haven’t already done so, log in with your Google account. Then press the Login button at the top right, select your account visible in the Choose an account screen. Enter the password in the appropriate field and click the Next button to log in.

Therefore Now, click on your photo (or on the initial letter of your Name. If you have not customized your Google account). At the top right, choose the option Create a channel from the menu that opens. Click on the Start button.

In the new screen that appears. Click on the Select button for the Use your name option. To create a YouTube channel using your Google account’s first and last name. Therefore Finally, click on the Save button and continue.

Final word on How to start a youtube channel for beginners

Therefore If, on the other hand. You are wondering how to create a corporate YouTube channel after making your personal YouTube channel. Click on the ☰ top-left button, choose the Settings option. Select the Account tab, and click on Add or edit your tracks in the Your section YouTube channel. Therefore  In the new page opened. Click on the Create a new channel button. Enter the Name of the medium in question in the Name of the brand account field. Therefore Click on the Create button, and that’s it. I hope you will know how to start a youtube channel for beginners.


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