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9 Reasons to Self Host Your WordPress Blog

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Self Host Your WordPress Blog

Majority of bloggers start blogging from free blogging services like BlogSpot or wordpress.com so that they can gain knowledge, information and now how of blogging. Both options have their own set of features which are limited and in some cases, important features that make blogger life easy are missed. Removal decision of FTP support from BlogSpot is a good example.

After your experimental blogging on these free services, if you are a serious blogger then you will switch to the self-hosted blog.

In article composed by SEO magnifier will be described what are the benefits and advantages that are the core of Self Host Your WordPress Blog.

Own Domain Name:-

You will have your own domain name which is far better than subdomain names and you have the opportunity to build your brand image. Purchasing domain name has also impact on page ranking, which we describe in page authority section of the same post. You have the variety of options to select the domain name of your own choice while in BlogSpot and WordPress, this option is not available. You have to select these services name as the subdomain and most of the times, your desired title is already occupied.

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E-mail Address:-

The most important feature is having own domain e-mail address which you can use while communicating to others. This will make a very positive image in visitors and they pay attention to e-mails having a primary domain name.

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FTP Account:-

When you purchase the hosting plan for your domain, you will have a secure and dedicated FTP account. As we described above, BlogSpot is dropping FTP feature from its service. FTP makes uploading easier. SSL and many other features are available depending on your hosting plan.

Website Authority:-

Website authority is the most important factor in blogging. You will have a higher page rank if you have you have self-hosted your blog. Your purchased domain name will define its age which is taken into account by Google in PR. In future, faster servers will also play the vital role in page ranking. So self-hosting has an edge here over wordpress.com and BlogSpot, as they are shared between millions of users.


Search Engine Optimization means more and more traffic and WordPress is the highly rich platform in terms of SEO Services. You have a long list of plugins and themes that optimize your blog for search engine.

Write keyword driven content your content should be well written and easy to read. You need to focus on creating content or you can use the content marketing tools e.g paraphrasing tool for business.  Content quality is based on the main keywords that people use to search for information on the particular topic. Search engine optimized writing will help you to significantly increase your blog readership.

Adsense and Affiliate Marketing:-

Adsense is the primary source of income generation. The self-hosted blog gives you full control over Google ads to display hence your CTR (Click Through Rate) is increased. Same is the situation with affiliate marketing. They prefer self-hosted sites or blogs. CTR also exists here. So maximize your CTR through proper display and customization of your Google ads. You can easily find heat map and put the ads in that particular location.

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Themes and Plugins Support:-

The self-hosted blog is in your control and you can easily install or customize your favorite theme. WordPress as the blogging platform is champ in this domain. It has hundreds of beautiful and SEO optimized themes.

Non-ending list of plugins is available at WordPress for extension in features. You can customize your WordPress with help of these plugins and save yourself from extensive and complex coding.

Blog Reputation:-

The self-hosted blog reflects that blogger has spent money and is serious about his project. This creates a positive image in people and they regularly visit these blogs.

Social Networking:-

You can easily and conveniently build a community for your blog. People happily follow blogs who have established their brand image which is not possible without the self-hosted blog.

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