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Lookalike Facebook Ads for Targeting Custom Audience

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Facebook leads with email

Now these days we can’t ignore the presence of social media platforms, they are everywhere. Facebook is one of those social media giants which is dominating online business from past few years. It is one of the best platforms to grow your business online and increase your brand value. Facebook business one of most popular tools for the business owner and you can successfully promote your business and sell your service or product online. You can easily target people through their emails that are used to signup for their Facebook account. You just need a service for email list generator Facebook and after getting such emails you can select whom you want to target. You can successfully broadcast your ads to your targeted audience and generate leads as Facebook allows you to create your own custom audience according to your business requirements and the service that you offer. It means you can customize your ads.

Benefits of using Facebook custom audience

creating Facebook’s Custom Audiences from your business website, you can generate customers that have already shown express interest in your products or services and you can easily reach those people via targeted audience. For example, you can run a campaign to reach those people who have already visited your website but haven’t made any purchase.

Now you can customize and create highly relevant ads based on their interest that a visitor had in your products or services. This allows you to target current users who have shown interest to a specific product or service page, potential buyers who haven’t registered yet or re-engage your recent visitors by distributing highly relevant information to them.

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Custom Audience from your business website can be used to:

  • Remarket potential and recent visitors of your website.
  • Creating more relevant and efficient ads by excluding audiences of visitors who have already converted to leads.
  • Create lookalike audiences of individuals who look like the audiences browsing your website.

Generate A Lookalike Audience

There are several ways to use emails for Facebook ads targeting and remarketing to generate leads but generating lookalike audience is one of the most effective strategies. Some researches proved that lookalike audience targeting saves money, as compared to a general form of Facebook ad targeting.

Lookalike ad targeting is also a brilliant way for those businesses whose email lists still need some modifications. If you’re not able to access to a large amount email list and the potential of re-engaging your current user’s list is slim, this type of Facebook targeting method allows you to reach a huge pool of prospects, just need to be converted.

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