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5 Tips for What a Business Owner Should Do with Online Marketing

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Choose a limited set of ad channels

Do not spray, you still cannot control everything. Choose one or two ad channels. Hypothesis – there are your customers.

For example, your clients are in contextual advertising and Facebook. I advise you to choose one “fast” source and one “slow”. And within their limits already test contractors and various ways of promotion.

For example, SEO is a “slow” promotion channel that will bring you visitors at best in two or three months. Contextual advertising or targeted advertising on Facebook can give you visitors and customers the very day after launch, so this is a “fast” promotion channel.

Listen to the experts

If they say that you need to change something in your website, it means you need to change. Yes, this is your favourite site and you did it with all your love. But its effectiveness and its beauty are completely different things.

If they say, according to your budget and experience you should not run this business and do some market research to find the best business, you should listen. Because you may fail. So it’s better to find the best match that you can run. You can check some business ideas with low investment for market research to find what you can run.

In the end, you can measure its conversion. How many with the same attention he brought customers to rework and how much after.

Another argument. For example, we ask you to redesign the site in order to fulfil the obligations that we have to the client. We can make a good advertisement, and many people will come to the site. But buyers of goods/services will be few due to the fact that the site is inconvenient or information is poorly submitted.

And in fact, we have done our work, and you have few clients. And, of course, there are few customers; there is a lot of discontent from our cooperation. It should be the other way around.

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Do not try to do internet marketing with your own hands.

An hour of your work is expensive. On your – sales, office/warehouse, staff, general management and everything else. Such a specialist like you cannot be cheap. So, when you do internet marketing yourself, it is always more expensive than if you gave this job to a contractor.

For example, you are the head of a small company. You understand that the more unknown is the area in which something needs to be done, the more time it will take. Spraying on the fact that you are not a professional, you do everything much slower than if even a freelancer did it. And purely economic costs are higher.

Getting more customers is a difficult process, often harder than conducting the services themselves. That is why b2b lead generation companies have been growing in size. 360Leads.com is a common choice for people living in Canada and the United States.

Learn to understand numbers

The only thing you need to learn in Internet marketing is to understand analytics and analyze indicators. Because this, of course, can be done by an agency, a staff marketer, a freelance man, and anyone in general.

But only you can understand whether any actions bring efficiency, what pays off, how much you earn from it.

No one except you has full access to all information on finance and no one knows the markup, turnover, profitability and everything else. The good news is that learning is not difficult.

Not all new marketing tools are effective.

No need to rush to order newfangled marketing tools such as content marketing. First, make sure that they will be effective for your business and that they are generally effective or move forward to the free tool. For example, if you are working to rank any site, you may need some articles for 2.0 sites. Go to free SEO article maker and use the tool and if you need site report, head over to semrush or ahref.

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I do not advise you to use all sorts of “novelties” until you have squeezed everything you can from more “traditional” methods of online marketing.

Want more specific marketing and promotion tips? Hire backlinko or triple your traffic agency,

According to bran le (founder of triple traffic):

we will provide advice based on the individual characteristics of your business.

We work on performance. We combine advertising channels in such a way that you start receiving attendance and customers not after six months, but within 2-3 days after contacting us. There are customer reviews and case studies.

Reducing the cost of online promotion. We use only those advertising channels that will be most beneficial for your business. We save the budget for promotion of different channels in one advertising campaign.

We constantly and regularly report. We send a report without reminders once a week, where not only a report on the work performed and information on the current state of the project but also plans for the next week ahead.

It is comfortable to work with us. We are not lost anywhere, the manager who leads the project to promote your online store is always in touch with you. There is always direct access to the head of the agency.

Appreciate your knowledge and experience. We carefully listen to and take into account your professional experience, delve into the problems and needs of the business, use your knowledge to improve the effectiveness of the advertising campaign.

Our agency is reliable and professional. We are a member of the closed REWARD Agencies Club, regularly published in leading industry and All-UK publications and media.


So, what I think is if you think you are not able to take your business at the next level, hire an expert who will give your business. It is better to hire someone else who know instead of wasting money on your own if you don’t know marketing

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