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Implement These 7 Ecommerce SEO Strategies for Maximum Organic Sales

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An ecommerce business depends on online customers. You, therefore, need to gain those clicks and get traffic. But that won’t happen if you don’t rank on SEO.

Studies show that 44% of online customers begin their search on Google. SEO has the highest ROI as compared to other marketing campaigns. You’ll probably want to reap the benefits, but that will only happen if you rank.

Well, you don’t have to worry if you have no clue how this happens. Here are some ecommerce SEO strategies that can help you rank higher and maximize your organic sales.

1. Start With Keyword Research

For your ecommerce campaign to stand, you need the right keywords. Keywords make the backbone of every little thing you’re going to do on your site. This is what you’re going to use to optimize products.

The list of keywords you choose to use for your ecommerce site will greatly influence your SEO. This means you can never ignore keywords if you want to rank and get organic sales. But of course, you must find those untapped terms that your customers are likely to use.

2. Fix Your Ecommerce Site Problems

Believe it or not, site problems can prevent you from ranking even if you research and find the right keywords. You need to figure out some site problems and fix them before things get out of hand.

Site errors that might interfere with your SEO rank include redirecting 404 pages, changing 302 to 301 pages, and duplicating content. You need to identify these and many other site errors that can interfere with your ranking.

Another thing to watch out for is your website speed. The customers you’re targeting are very impatient and won’t hang around waiting for your site to load. According to research, 40% of visitors abandon sites that take more than three seconds to load.

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3. Take Care of Your Site Architecture

How you organize your site is essential for ecommerce ranking. You’re probably going to have millions of product pages on your site. You need to make it easy for the user to browse through your site and find what they’re looking for.

Your visitors don’t need to have a hard time identifying key pages in your site and figuring out the relationship between pages. If your users don’t understand your site’s flow, they’ll have a hard time finding what they’re looking for, which will hurt your SEO.

4. Focus on Unique Product Descriptions

You’re going to lure your client with some unique descriptions for your products. These will be in your category pages, and they need to be catchy.

Product descriptions will tell your customers about your product and categories. This is also what will help Google to understand what the specific page is about. The written content on the page is the algorithm that Google used to rank an ecommerce page.

By adding unique descriptions about your products and categories, it means you’re not just going to copy-paste content from the manufacturer’s site. Your description should also include keywords you want to rank for. Make sure your visitors get what they want to know.

5. On-Page Ecommerce SEO Strategies

On-page SEO is all about making sure you put all your keywords in their rightful places. This is about helping Google understand what your page is about. This is what’s going to see you appear in the Search Engine Results Page (SERP) feature.

If someone can find your category pages on Google, they’ll have access to your products. Make sure you put your primary keyword in the URL to improve your site ranking. This is a crucial SEO strategies to gain a competitive edge against your competitors and drive traffic.

6. Add Blog Content to Your Site

While you’re making use of the keywords on your on-page site, you must know that there are keywords that won’t make it on the site. But you don’t want to leave those keywords out because they’re still important. Your blog will make a perfect destination for those keywords.

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Your blog allows you to optimize posts for the right keywords. To achieve this, you have to come up with very high-quality content that is reader-friendly. If you can’t do it yourself, hire a professional writer with basic knowledge of SEO to help you out.

Your ecommerce site will benefit a lot if you can leverage the importance of content marketing the right way. Web content has worked great in attracting and engaging visitors. You must find ways to tap into this strategy and make it work for your SEO strategy.

7. Link Building Ecommerce SEO Strategy

Aside from quality content, you also need to focus on earning some quality inbound links. Be wary of low-quality sites linking to your content, as Google will penalize you for that. The weak links are just like dead leads, which won’t do anything positive for your ecommerce business.

Low-quality links come from low authority sites. You don’t need any decree to identify a low-quality site as just looking at it tells you all you need to know. Look at those sites with too many ads and stuffed keywords.

You must focus on earning quality links with high authority sites. These sites will offer you valuable content in exchange for a link from you. Make sure you come up with some high-quality guest posts for that.

Get Started With These Strategies Right Away

As ecommerce, you must find ways to optimize your site for SEO, and one of the reasons to do so is to increase sales. If you follow the right ecommerce SEO strategies, you stand a chance to increase your traffic and grow your organic sales.

But before you get started, you must understand that this is an ongoing process that will take time and effort. So, are you ready to get this going? The above strategies are, no doubt, going to work for you.

Don’t forget to come back here for more insights on running your ecommerce. We’re always here with expert guides on our articles.

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