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What is Display Advertising and Why is It so Successful?

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Display Advertising

When you’re attempting to bolster your company’s online presence, there is a range of marketing techniques that you can use to do so. One of the more popular types of online marketing that you can use for your business or brand is display advertising. This is a visual-based marketing technique that’s easy to implement and can be highly successful. Once you understand what this advertising is and the many ways that you can benefit from it, you should be ready to integrate this type of advertisement in your current marketing campaign.

What is Display Advertising?

Display advertising is a completely visual form of digital marketing Services that places paid advertisements on various web pages as graphics or banners. These advertisements are different from pay per click ads or search engine marketing in that they won’t appear on the search engine results. Display ads are placed directly onto websites that are listed within a search engine result that a prospective customer makes. These advertisements primarily come in the form of a banner that’s displayed at the top or side of a web page.

If you run a business that sells dishware, these advertisements will appear on websites that are listed in search engine results related to dishware. Since these ads can only be seen when a user clicks on a website from search results, it’s still possible to target certain demographics. These advertisements aren’t designed to bring in hundreds of thousands of visitors to your site every day. They are, however, aimed at appealing to qualified leads who are typically ready to become loyal customers.

Why Display Advertising is So Successful

There are many reasons why this form of advertising is so successful, the primary of which is that these ads are primarily seen by a brand’s target audience. For instance, when someone types in a search query related to a product or service, they still need to take action and visit a website that’s listed within these search results. Once they do, your display ads will be front and centre for them to see. These prospective customers have already typed in a search query and clicked on a website, which means that they are interested in learning more about that product or service. Businesses that combine display ads with search engine marketing and PPC advertisements will be able to reach the customer in a variety of ways.

Studies have shown that display ads can increase the number of visits to your site by around 17 percent and boost conversion rates by 8 percent. A single advertising campaign with this type of ad can bring you a return on investment that’s as high as 486 percent. Keep in mind that the display ads you create will need to include a general headline, some text, and an URL that the ad can redirect to when it’s clicked on.

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Another reason that these ads are so successful is that they are very inexpensive when compared to other forms of online marketing. All that’s necessary to pay off one of these ads is for one out of every two thousand people or so to actually click on the ad and become a customer of your business or brand, which is a simple target to reach as long as you’ve designed the ad properly.

Benefits of Display Ads

The benefits of utilizing display ads for your next marketing campaign are numerous. This type of advertisement is very visually appealing, which is particularly important for the modern consumer. They can be styled and designed in any way you see fit, which means that you can be very creative when designing your next display ad. The more creative, the better. These ads are also great at bolstering brand awareness because of the visual aspect of the ad. For instance, pay per click ads only contains text that will take the customer to a company’s web page. On the other hand, display ads include graphics and brand information that can increase the user’s interest before they even click on the ad. Some of the additional benefits provided by display ads include:

  • An increase in visibility
  • The ability to effectively target the main audience for your brand
  • The ability to gather data that measures how effective the display ads have been for you

Display Advertising

How to Properly Utilize this Advertising

The most important aspect of creating a display ad is to place a clear and concise call to action within the advertisement. This call to action should tell the user what their experience will be if they click on the ad. The offer that you’re advertising should also be a compelling one that piques the interests of your target audience. It’s essential that the web page the advertisement leads to when clicked on accurately represents what the ad was communicating.

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While you want your display ad to be attractive and appealing to site visitors, it’s important that it has a simple design. Obnoxious ads that are too bold and striking only serve to push people away. You want your ad to include colors that complement one another as well as messaging that’s short and memorable. Two elements that need to be placed front and centre on every display ad you make are your logo and your business name. When you’re a small business that’s attempting to gain visibility, you’ll want your business name to become recognizable among prospective customers.

How to Measure Future Success of Display Ads

Even though display ads are almost automatically somewhat successful, you want to be able to measure this success so that you can plan your future campaigns and alter the ads where necessary. The two primary metrics that can be used for measuring the success of display ads include clicks and impressions, which are also referred to as views. The number of impressions allows you to identify how many times your ad was viewed by possible customers. The most important metric when measuring the success of a display ad is the number of clicks it gets. Higher clicks mean that more people have viewed your website, which translates to additional revenue. If you’re interested in using this form of advertising but don’t want to create the ads yourself, consider using the services of a digital marketing firm.

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