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Guide for Plumbers: How to Grow Your Business With Plumber Advertising and Digital Marketing

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There are certain services that every homeowner and business will need at some point. Plumbing services are one of them. Minor jobs are handled with simple DIY hacks and bigger jobs will require calling in a professional.

When seeking a plumber you want someone who is fast, knowledgeable, and professional. It’s easy to search for a plumber online and randomly selecting one. This doesn’t guarantee to you will get the best person for the job.

Others will go with a friend of the family member who claims to be just as good as a professional.
To stand out from the competition you need to invest in plumber advertising.

People in the plumbing industry learn how to attract their target market for optimum success. Continue reading our guide on how to grow your plumbing business using advertising and digital marketing.

Invest in a Great Website

In the digital era, it is nearly impossible to have a marketing strategy that does not include having a website. Studies show 91% of online adults got to the internet to search for services and products in their area. To get listed you need to have an online presence.

Your website is the digital version of your physical business. It is the place people will go to check you out and to determine if they want to give you a call. Even if you are referred by a friend some people will want to learn more about your business.

The gallery located on LinkNow has great website examples for plumbing companies.

With a website, you can implement search engine optimization (SEO) techniques. These actionable items will help raise your ranking on search engine result pages (SERPs).

Build a Social Media Following

Social media is an awesome way to connect with your intended audience. It is also a great tool for local businesses to build a community.

When creating the social media platforms you want to explore what each one has to offer. You also want to ensure that the people most likely to call a plumber are on those sites. Once you define your target audience, create your channels and start connecting.

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Once you get your channels created the next step is to get people to like or follow your page. To do this you will need content for them to engage. Your website is a good starting point for that content.

You’ll also need to be interactive on your channels. This may require bringing on a social media specialist to interact with followers.

Learn about Facebook and Instagram Stories for Plumber Advertising

A highly successful trend on social media is Instagram and Facebook Stories.

Stories are content created by users and featured on the pages of the people they are connected to. The content lasts for 24 hours. You are alerted that someone has created or added to their story by a button strategically placed at the top of your page.

If using a desktop or laptop Stories buttons appear in the right sidebar.

Because the feature has become so popular businesses cannot purchase ad space for Stories. Plumbing ads will appear between two users Stories. For user’s with multiple items in their story, the ad can appear between images or video.

Three hundred million people use Facebook Stories every day. The numbers for Instagram Stories is higher.

Get a Google Knowledge Graph

Want a digital postcard that advertises your plumbing business on Google? Create a Google Knowledge Graph that gives an overview of your business when someone enters the name in the Google search engine.

Some refer to as a Google My Business Page. This plumber marketing tactic features contact information reviews, social media links, website, and map. You can also include images of yourself, staff, storefront, and customers.

The best part is it’s free. You can monitor how many people linked to your site from the knowledge graph by using Google Analytics.

Create a Dynamic E-Newsletter

As your clientele grows so should your e-mail list. Use this as an opportunity to share your expertise, provide preventive maintenance tips, or offer coupons. The goal is to keep your name fresh in their minds so when someone asks for a plumber referral your name is given.

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A short monthly e-newsletter will work great for plumbing marketing. Not only do you send it to your opt-in list but you should also post a link to your social media channels. Ask followers to subscribe and share.

Be a Sponsor for Local Non-Profit Events

A great way to market your business is by becoming a community partner. People are more likely to support a local business that is engaged in the communities where they live. They also like when business owners support the same causes they do.

Choose a cause you are passionate about or one that fits into your plumbing marketing strategy. Use the opportunity to distribute promotional items with your contact information.

If your budget allows, consider being an event sponsor. This will place your brand front and center. It may also get you a write-up in the local paper or a feature on the news.

Get a Listing in a Local Business Directory

Local directories are a good tool for plumber advertising. These publications come in print and online versions. To stay in step with technology some providers offer apps for smartphones and tablets.

There are two benefits for listing your business in a local directory,

The first being, consumers using a directory are looking for a specific service. If the search is for a plumber, it will reveal those that have registered with the service. For online directories and apps, the user can easily click on a link to your website.

The other reason, Google can detect your listing and increase your SERPs ranking.

Start Advertising Today

Plumber advertising is simple and can also be fun. Design the marketing plan for your business using new and popular strategies. Branding is important and incorporating SEO will give you an added boost.

Want to learn more about SEO? Check out this article on on-page vs. off-page SEO.

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