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Difference Between Goal Conversion Rate and Funnel Conversion Rate?

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Goals are the most important thing to establish in google analytics account, but you must have to understand what you want. A goal measures how your site is working and what is the performance of work you are doing. A goal describes a completed activity performed by a visitor on your site. This contributes to the success of your business.

A goal is set to create a complete plan for what you are looking for. The component describes a complete plan. Properly set goals allow google analytics to provide critical information. The goals provide information about conversion’s number and conversion rate.

Without having proper goals, it is not possible to evaluate the performance of the site. Moreover, it might not tell the effectiveness of business. Therefore, this is the important and prominent part in conversion rate.

On the other hand, Funnel conversion describes the flow with which a potential customer lands n your site and perform the desired action. This process referred to as a funnel because it guides the customer to perform your desired action you want for conversion point.

Funnel conversion attracts visitors to a website, once they arrived it will guide them further to perform the task you want them to perform. In this way, it will increase the conversion point and decrease the bounce rate from your website.

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What is a good Conversion Rate

The conversion rate is the percentage of visitors that perform an action on your website. A high conversion rate is the indication of a successful marketing on a website. This shows that people exactly want what your website is offering and they are getting it easily on your website.

A good conversion rate is the one, which makes the audience to perform specific activities by spending required time on a website. Therefore, it is important to the bound the audience with any engaging activity on a website.

How to improve conversion rate

Raising conversion rate means that your site traffic is converting into meaningful actions that grow your business. The engaging an audience could do this by filling any Performa. Moreover, this will increase traffic on a website and engage traffic.

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A low conversion rate can lead to some problems:

  • Landing page design might make it difficult to complete the task.
  • Your offer might be too expensive so that the majority cannot reach it.
  • Unnecessary activities on a website might distract the audience.

Difference between Goal and Funnel conversion rate

Goals might be applied to a specific portion or specific part of a website to attract audience n that specific part of a website. Every goal has a specific monetary value so that you can calculate the worth of a conversion.

While the funnel conversion rate attracts visitors to a website and makes them, do what you want. This will automatically increase the conversion rate and decrease the bounce rate. Funnel conversion rate bound audience to a website and make them perform our desired activity.

Types of goals

  • Destination goals: This goal transfer audience to specific part you desire.
  • Duration Goals: This goal specify the time for how long an activity can perform.
  • Pages per session: This goal makes the audience to view a number of pages per screen.
  • Event Goals: This goal defines an action performed when an event triggered.

Goal Value

While setting a goal, there is, an option to set a monetary value to monitor conversions occurred whenever an action performed. Every time a goal completed this action then recorded and added to the report in google analytics. Every action a user takes transmitted to a handsome amount (dollars). By knowing, the value of a goal one can evaluate how often a visitor completes an action becomes a customer.

Funnels for destination

With a destination, you can specify the path you wish your audience to follow. This will completely convert all your traffic to a good conversion rate. This could be performed by engaging traffic on a website by performing some activities.

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The visitors spend equal time by taking part in those activities and follow all the steps given on a website. This will clearly decrease bounce rate and increase the conversion rate. This in return converts each conversion into dollars.

The funnel conversion rate in most cases considered important because it directly makes the audience to perform a specific activity you desire.

Limits of goals

While having all the advantages there also exist some limitations for goals. The goals are limited:

  • Twenty (20) per report, which means to track more than 20 goals you might authenticate the resources.
  • To apply data you collect after a goal has been set.
  • Goals cannot be deleted but can stop.
  • Goals data can be processed differently than analytical data.


This article described the difference between goals conversation rate and funnel conversion rate. Both of them used for raising a conversion rate on a website to increase sale and generate traffic. However, both of them are very different from each other. Conversion rate automatically increases the optimization of a site and shows the performance of a site

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