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Coupon Marketing Strategy Guide – How to Use Discount Codes Effectively

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Couponing is a tough thing to translate from real-world shopping to online commerce. If you have an e-commerce business, it can be tough to navigate the world of coupons and discounts and make sure that you don’t end up causing harm to your business. Sometimes, coupons bring in a higher return, and sometimes they don’t. If you’re thinking about implementing coupons into your business, you should have a strategy for it. This guide can help you figure out what’s best for you.

Is It Necessary for My Business to Have Coupons?

Years ago, coupons were regarded with some negative attitudes, but over time they’ve developed into sophisticated tools that you can employ with your marketing strategy as a means to increase sales, build the loyalty of your customers, and increase your image. If you do it right, coupon campaigns can also track data and improve your general efforts toward marketing.

Whether you absolutely have to have them is a yes–coupons can help every business, regardless of the size and type. However, it only helps if the strategy has some forethought, has been planned, and is utilized accordingly. Your coupon campaign and your general marketing should be consistent.

How Do I Even Start With Coupons?

First, you must choose a coupon provider like https://www.couponcodeday.com. Then you can plan your strategy. As you start, you should create campaigns that are very small and have wide parameters, such as discount type value, and duration. You should track each coupon and each campaign in order to be successful and continue on. This will take time, so be patient. Every business tries and fails in many aspects, and it will take several couponing experiences before you figure out what type of strategy works for you and your business.

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If you have a small business, pick a single product and run about 4 coupon campaigns every once in a while, with varying values and types of discounts. Your results will show which campaign worked the best. Then you can expand the products that are used.

How Do I Create Coupons That Will Work?

You’ll need to keep several things in mind in order to be successful:

  • The look/design of your coupons. Your discount needs to catch people’s attention and stand out; the graphics and grammar should be well done. You can hire a professional to design coupons for you.
  • The message should be concise and clear. The less you say, the better; let the customer know exactly what you’re offering. A promotion that’s too complicated and has a lot of small print to it can discourage people from using it.
  • Expiration dates can be used to your advantage. A coupon that expires soon will encourage the customer to buy your product or service as soon as possible, and it keeps the offer attractive. Research has shown that people tend to find promotions appealing if they have a short time frame to use them.
  • Give a great CTA (Call to Action). Make the CTA very visible, and rather than using the tired “shop now,” try something like “Today’s hot deals”, “Check out our deals for VIP members” or “Claim your deal”.

How Do I Make Sure My Campaign is Successful?

To make sure your coupon campaign is successful, employ a system where customers can’t use or abuse the coupons (ex: they can’t use it more than once) and ensure that every redemption request can be validated. Each redemption should track the time and date, customer, and the redemption channel, code, and campaign of the coupon itself.

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The important thing is to gather data, then analyze your information so you can make the best decisions for your business. You will make mistakes, which is okay; regard these as lessons. Measuring and tracking the performance of your coupons will help you develop and build great coupon marketing, no matter what type of business you have.


It can be very complicated to get into coupon marketing, however, it is absolutely worth it for any business, no matter how large or small you are or what type of products you offer. Through coupons, you can build relationships with your customers, build your loyalty, and expand your brand, which will bring you a higher return in the long run.

It’s easier than ever to launch coupon campaigns with modern technology and software. There are many ways you can keep track of your coupons and analyze the data, and you should choose coupon software carefully with your entire tech team, so you can pick what will bring the best solutions to your business.

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