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10 Tips to Increase Traffic with Content Marketing

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If you own a local business that’s struggling to find more customers, content marketing can help you refresh your brand image, maximize traffic to your site, and generate genuine leads.

To get started, use the following tips to achieve your business goals through content marketing that actually works.

  • Incorporate a blog into your business website—it’s a great way to create buzz around your brand and showcase your expertise. In addition, a blog serves as a platform where you can share product updates and announcements and invite related brands to publish guest posts.


  • Create share-worthy content your readers can relate to and would like to share with their peers. However, don’t compromise on quality to create viral posts that will die down after a while. Focus on creating a pool of evergreen content that brings value to your readers.


  • Optimize your content with local keywords, but don’t overdo it. Use the services of a trusted SEO company for onsite and offsite optimization. Ask how they can help improve your search ranking.


  • Free eBooks continue to be a winner when it comes to making a favorable impression on your customers. Compile your old blog posts into an eBook that visitors can download from your site. You can also use it as an incentive for people to sign up for your newsletter or email updates.


  • If you’ve outsourced your content marketing to an agency, meet with them often to share and receive updates and to understand how your campaign is performing. Being in the thick of things will empower you to evaluate the efforts of your agency or in-house team and help you make better business decisions.


  • Invest in a good blogger outreach campaign to gain high-quality backlinks from well-respected websites in your industry. Hire a full-service guest blogging agency such as Outreach Monks that can deliver a tailored blogger outreach strategy to help improve your ranking and increase organic traffic to your site.


  • When it comes to content development, target an effective mix of long-form informative articles, short and easy posts, infographics, listicles, and so forth. This way you’ll be able to cater to varied interests within your target audience. Make videos only if it would benefit your brand and not because everyone else is doing it.


  • Display social share buttons prominently right next to your content to make it easy for readers to share or recommend it. If you serve businesses as well as individual clients, publish regularly on professional networking sites such as LinkedIn—research shows that this is an effective way to showcase your expertise to corporate customers.


  • Don’t yet write off email marketing as outdated or ineffective. Marketing experts still swear by the power of email to garner customer interest and attention and generate quality leads.


  • Don’t just focus on—or get caught up in—maintaining your production calendar. Distributing great content is as important as writing it. If your marketing content doesn’t reach your intended audience, it’s of no use to your business.


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This article has been written by Devin Smith. He is working as content writer with Submitcore Team. He has advance knowledge of Technology and business management fields.

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