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Combine Instagram and Email Marketing to Increase Business Growth

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Combine Instagram and Email Marketing to Increase Business Growth

Earlier, email marketing was limited to traditional promotional strategy. That is being used particularly to volume up to the customer count. When the duo of Social media and Email marketing comes together, it becomes a lot easy for the marketers to plan out the large volume of audience gathering and to convert them into leads. The fast growth of Social media can be utilized and advantageous for business expansion. You have already witnessed the growth of social media, and there is no denying that how potentially, you can hold your marketing worldwide with the combination of two. The results will be going to astonish your mind.

Engaging Instagram and Email Marketing for Lead Generation

Instagram with its fast pacing follower count can blow anyone’s mind. With more than 800 million user base count and at a certain point of time, you might want to consider converting all those Instagram active user base into potential leads that could help in diverging tons of traffic at once towards your business site. The marketers get attracted to such a high number of users at one place, and they try planning on building a network with them through Email marketing. People use Instagram for displaying their business brand to a lot of people at one time. They display an overview of their business content, and for rest, they try to diverge through links. Many people might get interested and to effectively getting engage them you need to forward all those interested users as a lead. Further, these leads can try to pep up your sales. You need to think of some medium that can help in transacting these users towards your base count.

Instagram helps and provides business owners with a great opportunity where they can increase their brand visibility to a great level. Once start getting recognition among various users, they can start nurturing these leads into sales. But you need to come up with a plan where you can work on your business expansion through email marketing tips using Instagram

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Optimizing the Instagram account:

You need to start working on the acquisition of the leads great for email build list through Instagram. One way to achieve that is adding a signup form in the bio section of your Instagram account. As you upload several of your posts showcasing your brand, you may think of adding a simple and attractive signup form in the bio section along with the URL. The online form will be of great help as through this you will be able to generate leads of high end, and you can eventually build your email list. Thus, once the email list is ready, you can start your marketing campaign.

You can easily find several examples on the internet about the signup form. There are many templates available which can be customized and tailored as per one’s need. You need to look up for ways on how you can integrate your Instagram with the signup form effectively and able to generate a result. Once you start seeing success, you can then add the signup form in another social account as well.

Make sure you have not missed any valuable field in the custom-tailored signup form. Keep the format and language simple and easy. There are many services available who deal in email marketing strategy. You can take up their guidance on how you can build an effective yet simple form. Don’t focus on length. You don’t want that users feel bored and tired in filling up the form. You can easily keep a check on followers for Instagram making sure they don’t get exhausted while filling the form.

Well, people never do anything for free. You need to encourage them by offering something in return of filling the form as you can arrange for some contests, lucky draws, free giveaways, offers, etc. This is a very good strategy, and you can attract many users of the Instagram. You need to expand the horizon of your imagination and think of different levels of ideas to keep engaging your Instagram follower in signing up the form.

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Nurturing the generated leads with a brand value of content:

Once you get successful in generating leads from the interaction, you can move to the next level to capture them and keep them stay. You will achieve it by understanding their social account profile. Their likes and dislike, what kind of page content they like, share and follow, what kind of product they look up on the internet and buy them, and what kind of expectation they keep from a valuable business brand. You need to find an answer for all these questions, and it is very important to keep a tab of all the questions in future.

As soon as you start figuring out the answers and start building the profile, you can get better at targeting the large section of captured leads and then customize them for email campaigning. Your campaign should have attractions for your leads, useful content and should be enticing in order to achieve success. You need to keep an eye on geography factor of user location, gender check, age group, history of their shopping online, recently what have they got for themselves, interest. All this information will help in profiling the target, and it is very important.

Just don’t let yourself carried away with the sale motive. The sale should not be the sole interest. You have to be attentive towards the User experience satisfaction. If they are happy, they will start recommending your brand.


Once you get a good hand on your potentially garnered users through signup strategy for the email campaign, you need to keep them hooked. Start providing valuable content; arrange giveaways, discounts, promo codes, etc.

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