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Best ManyChat Agencies in 2019

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With the advancement of chatbots like ManyChat and others, different partnered agencies have joined in the teams to make ManyChat a better marketplace, and also a better application to help businesses more. Because of this affiliate program, ManyChat has allowed those companies to join their partnership and be the best at what they do in order to join their agency listing. This helps other people find clients for your chatbot faster, and allows you to have exposure over the web that visit the ManyChat page on a regular basis (there are millions of users continuously joining). In this guide, we’re going to tell you about  the best ManyChat Agency in 2019.

What Does Chatbot Marketing Do For You?

The truth is, it can do just about anything your business needs when it comes to sales, marketing, advertising, customer support, suggestive sales, and even filtering. You can program your chatbot to create advanced menus and ways for customers to get ahold of you, such as submitting a ticket, buying a product, or even just visiting a page on your website. By integrating certain skills, some agencies have devised courses that can help you create your ManyChat bot and make it the most efficient ROI that you’ve ever had.

How Do I Maximize My Visibility?

Well of course, word of mouth is one of the first things, but when you have ManyChat, you can actually customize your bot to respond appropriately with emotion and make them feel as if they were talking to a real person. The more you put into it, the better, and because of this, your customer will end up happy that he had a “personalized” experience, feeling like you tailored the entire situation and conversation just for them. You can also program your chatbot to fully emulate a person typing instead of a bot (there are already plenty of people that do this).

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Why Does My ManyChat Bot Need a Personality?

Well, people like talking to people, right? If you just program your bot to act like a regular bot (with no special software or programming skills required with ManyChat by the way), then you can potentially lose customers interest within a few moments of them talking to your bot. Your ManyChat needs a new personality and a face lift so that a person can feel like they’re talking to a person somewhat at least.

How Does an Accredited Agency Get on ManyChat’s Agency List?

In order to become a ManyChat partner, you must know what’s going on with the program and know every up and down in order to fully succeed. Agency partners have requirements such as taking the ManyChat Course (watching the video), have a Pro ManyChat bot with more than 50 subscribers to it, have an agency website with marketing services listed, pass a basic knowledge test, while a messenger marketing expert has 5 bots each with over 50 subscribers, plus have to pass an advanced test and submit a bot to ManyChat based on a test where ManyChat makes them create a bot to their technical specifications, or is able to create their own custom bot that has features like theirs.

What do ManyChat Courses Do?

When you take a course like SmartBot Marketers has to offer, you get a full on automation course so your ManyChat bot can work for you. They can deliver full on training to teach you how to utilize things like animations, emoticons, and more so you can give your chatbot a personality. By doing this, your customers will know that you also put a lot of time into this, and be more apt to buy things with suggestive sales, which the courses will also teach you how to do. In order to maximize your return on investment, these courses are offered at a fraction of the price for what a college would cost in order to just learn how to utilize the business methods plus the ManyChat and other smartbot lessons you would need.

Not only this, it can be very costly for an employer if they have to hire someone and send them to school to get the training for this. By utilizing SmartBot Marketers courses, which are the only one of its’ kind, you can get a custom-tailored business solution that revolves around just your business, so you can thrive with your ManyChat bot. That’s what makes them the best of the best. If you don’t believe it, you can contact them via their website (or over the phone) and get a hold of them so they can show you first hand and give you an evaluation.

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