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5 Ways To Increase Your Income

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Almost everything on the phase of the earth has rules and finance has not been left behind. The rule that tops personal finance is spending less than you earn and if you want to be financially stable all your life, save money when you can. However, it becomes difficult for people to save and at the same time maintain their lifestyle. But, the good news is that there’s always a solution to every problem and you can improve your finances with the right information, dedication, and efforts. And there are hundreds of ways to increase your income.

If you’re reading this, it’s probably because you want a side hustle that will raise your income regardless of whether your employers want or not. It’s important to know that whereas there are limited ways to save your hard-earned money, there are unlimited ways to earn extra income and pay off debt, improve your life, or save for your future. Learning how to make an extra dollar is the first step to improving your finances and if you’re tired of peanut pay, here is a list of five ways you can make quick money.

Become a freelancer

People have different talents and the best thing is that you can sell your skill and earn extra income. Whether you are an artist, photographer, writer, or graphic designer, there’s always a freelance gig for everyone. To make it even better, you earn good money in the comfort of your home. It makes it possible to turn your passion into a money-making machine and here are a few possible freelance angles you can consider.

  • Freelance writing

Freelance writing is one of the fast ever growing job opportunities across the word and you can become part of it and make your bank account fatter. There are many freelance writing jobs for everyone and all you need is time and simple skills that someone else might not have. With just an internet connection, you can work for many clients all over the world at the comfort of your home. Upwork.com or Fiverr are some of the best freelance sites to start from and will change your life for good.

  • Teach online

If teaching is in your blood, you can make money by doing what you love. There are millions of students looking for the right connection and you can make their dreams come true by teaching them what they want and earn extra income. For instance, you can teach English as a second language and if you don’t know where to start from, ViPkid is a great service that connects tutors and North American teachers with students from all corners of the world. Teaching online can make you earn $14 to $22 in just an hour.

  • Do small tasks

If you think your creativity is not good enough to become a freelance writer, there are diverse opportunities and you can make a good living in offering services to TaskRabbit which advertises different tasks such as;

  • Moving
  • Running errands
  • Putting furniture together
  • Picking up groceries

Online surveys

With competition increasing with each dawn, many companies are working day and night to understand consumers better. They, therefore, require honest opinion about their services and products in form of a survey and they compensate survey-takers. There are many sites that require you to test mobile apps, share your opinion on services and products, or take part in market research.

Completing an online survey takes less than five minutes and will earn you about $5 per survey. There are many survey websites such as i-Say, SurveyBods, Branded Surveys, Harris Poll, New Vista, YouGov, The Opinion Panel, Global Test Market among others. Most of these websites update new surveys from time to time and this means that you can make good money from your couch.

Become a delivery driver or rider

Do you like exploring new places? If yes, you can turn your passion into money-making opportunities. All you need is a car, motorbike, or car and a Smartphone and you’ll start making extra money during your free time by delivering food to different people. If still wondering where to start from, Deliveroo is a company hunting for new riders and they will hire you to deliver food from restaurants to the customer’s office or home. The good news is that you work whenever you want and you’ll make up to $20 an hour.

Dog walking and sitting

Many people across the world love dogs and they adopt them for different reasons such as companionship and a guard. Many dog species suffer from separation anxiety when left alone and if you love dogs, you can get extra money by walking them in your neighbourhood. This is a great money-making opportunity that ensures you spend some precious time with your best pet and earn between $10-30 in thirty minutes. To get started, search for dog walking and pet sitting website in your area and start making money.

Sell for free on Facebook

Facebook is one of the most popular social media platforms across the world. It connects people from all corners of the world and you can use it to make money by selling to others in your local community. Wondering what to sell? Well, popular goods such as TVs and Smartphones, Bulky goods such as wardrobes and sofas, and kid’s stuff such as dolls, clothes, and cots will get you started.

All you need to do is to post what you’re selling and clients will find you. Interestingly, your friends on Facebook will share your products on their timeline meaning that the number of potential customers will be more than the number of friends you have on your profile. Selling on Facebook is advantageous because there are no fees and you keep all the profit.

Bottom line

It’s the desire of every person to earn extra income and reach a higher financial goal. However, due to lack of the right information, many people find themselves struggling to pay their bills or save money for their future. However, your struggles have finally come to an end and with the above list, you can choose the one that meets your interests and start making good money right away.

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