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5 Best Socialcaptain alternatives

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Who does not know about Instagram today? It is gaining a reputation as one of the favorite social media accounts, especially of the younger generation. In the initial stage, one would do many activities manually on Instagram. Naturally, it used to take a lot of time and effort. When you have many social media accounts, you need automation to maintain your presence across different social networks.

Socialcaptain is one such example of an automation tool for achieving organic growth on Instagram. The primary advantage of Socialcaptain is that it is a user-friendly AI tool. It does not take more than a couple of minutes to set up Socialcaptain. The best aspect of this tool is that it allows you to interact with other users and attract them towards your profile.

Pros of Socialcaptain

  • Setting up Socialcaptain is easy
  • 24/7 automation facility
  • Advanced audience filtering feature
  • Generate real-time performance reports
  • A user-friendly and well-designed dashboard

Cons of Socialcaptain

  • There are two plans of which the Growth plan has limited features as compared to the Turbo plan.
  • There is only one pricing option, and that is the monthly option.

Under such circumstances, you should be aware of some Socialcaptain alternatives. Let us look at five of the best alternatives to Socialcaptain and study their pros and cons.

1.    Zoho Social

Zoho Social is a popular social media management software that works in a cloud-based environment. It is available in SaaS version and can run on multiple devices. Some of the primary activities of Zoho Social are that it helps you to monitor various social media channels, manage multiple accounts, and encourage multi-user collaboration. It enables you to interact better with your customers and provides actionable insights thereby helping to make informed decisions. This solution also allows you to monitor keyboards and schedule multiple posts. One of the best advantages of this solution is that it allows you to do automated publishing of your created content.

Multiple pricing options are available starting with a free edition plan. You have standard plans, professional and agency programs as well depending on your requirement.

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2.    Iconosquare

Iconosquare is a social media management software (SMMS) that has more than 10 million subscribers worldwide. It is an ideal planning and monitoring platform and performs best with Instagram. This SMMS makes it easy for you to track fan scores and improve your follower’s list via Instagram. The latest updates available on Iconosquare enable you to make interactions more meaningful than ever. It does away with the chronological arrangement of publication.

On the other hand, it ensures that the highest participation rates obtain the best positions. It helps you identify when you write or publish articles by using different color codes such as dark circles and pink circles respectively. Another excellent benefit is that it allows you to see the best time for you to interact with your audience. Iconosquare is a unified analytical tool for social engagement.

3.    ContentCal

Social media is all about sharing information within your circle as well as expanding your horizons. The best method to do so is to not only create good content but also ensure to publish it in the right channels. ContentCal is the ideal social media-publishing tool that helps you to plan and auto-publish your social media content. You can also refer to ContentCal as a visual calendar that allows you to schedule your content in record time and ensure that it is complete with all built-in approvals. This software solution envisages different roles for the user such as creator and approver. You can manage multiple accounts whereby freelancers, small and medium enterprises, and other business entities can use this software. It is one of the best Socialcaptain alternatives.

4.    Loomly

Loomly is an easy way to reach out to more than a million contacts easily. This social media calendar software solution is a user-friendly one that helps you to integrate your workflow with social media. It ensures that you have clear access to all your calendars thereby enabling you to manage your workflow smoothly. This software solution makes for great team collaboration as you get notifications when your team member updates or comments on your content. The best advantage of Loomly is that there is no need for approval after posting the content. You can receive feedback from your clients after posting the content.

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5.    Mention

Mention is an ideal social media brand management tool, and one of the best Socialcaptain alternatives. It provides you with updated information about what your customers/clients or other people are commenting about your brand on social media. Hence, you can monitor your social media accounts real-time and get insights about your company as they happen. You also get access to automated reports that help you to improve your social media presence. You get information about what your competitors are doing by monitoring social media feedback about their brands. You can also identify influencers in your industry whereby it becomes easy to have an effective outreach campaign.

We have seen five popular Socialcaptain alternatives that can help to manage your social media accounts and thereby help you to improve your bottom line.

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