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4 Reasons to Hire a Social Media Agency

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Do your company’s social media marketing efforts need some work? Many businesses used to delegate social media responsibilities to inexperienced interns, and to employees who really didn’t get social but they were told to post updates when they had some spare time. The fact is, social media as an engagement and business development medium is getting much more valuable for marketing and sales, and hiring a social media agency who has specialists that can formulate and execute on a winning strategy is critical as we head into the next decade. 

Social media marketing can now provide a healthy ROI, and there are many analytics tools that can prove it. In fact, some businesses are now allocating the biggest part of their marketing budget towards social media because that’s where engaged individuals of all ages spend hours of their time each day. 

Here’s Why Your Company Needs a Social Media Agency

Agencies Understand How To Invest in Social Media Marketing 

Reaching potential customers through social media updates is getting more challenging as Facebook, Instagram, and others are feeling increased pressure from their investors to make more money. Social media advertising is becoming more important to help cut through the clutter and to build on organic reach, which is dropping as these big companies are now laser-focused on monetization. Social media agencies have valuable services to create ads that get noticed, acted on, and reach targeted prospects at just the right time.

Premium Social Media Tools 

Social media agencies no doubt use the best social media tools available to automate tasks, be time-efficient, stretch ad dollars, understand their audience’s behavior better, and for other core marketing reasons. Your company won’t have to pay for these pricey social media tools because the agency you hire will already have them and deploy them in expert ways. 

They Ride the Trending Topics

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Trending topics on the various social media platforms are important to pay attention to, as those are the keywords that are getting the most real-time views and attention. A quality social media agency is always looking at trending topics and will try to align their client’s posts with them to get extra exposure. Timing is everything for social media content and that’s one element that separates amateur marketers from professional ones. 

Your Own Team Learns First-Hand

You may not want to keep a social media agency on long-term, but rather, look at how the experts manage your company’s accounts for a year or so, then get one or two team members to take over from there once comfortable with the strategy. Once the social media marketing ball gets rolling nicely, it can be a decent time to have the internal team move everything forward in a consistent way. It could also be a good time to double down on your social media agency if growth is impressive and you don’t want to disrupt anything. 

A great social media agency can help your company advance to the next level with its marketing efforts. Social media helps to humanize brands, spark new conversations with potential customers, build thought leadership efforts, and develop many other positive attributes needed for today’s forward-thinking businesses. 

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