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Car Recycling and Why is it Important

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Like every other product in this world, cars also have their lifespan. And when they finally become more waste than a use for us, very often we have no idea what to do with them.

Out of this necessity, throughout the years, car recycling has become a well developed industry. And car recycling companies have taken a huge leap into establishing an environmentally responsible manner to dispose of them quickly and efficiently.

But, very often because of the lack of information and knowledge people have doubts. Doubts as to what happens once they sell their cars to companies offering purchasing services and the process of car recycling begins.

Well, let me finally demystify it for you.

The Process of Car Recycling Explained

As we all know, cars that are left in landfills release toxic fluids and chemicals. These fluids and chemicals can be harmful for the environment even after the vehicle is wrecked.

To prevent this from happening car recycling companies have developed a process that is both effective, but also safe for the environment.

Let’s take a closer look at how this process works.

Before the car is being crushed and recycled all the parts that can be reused are being removed. Once these parts are out, follows the removal of all hazardous materials such as the lead-acid battery, the airbags, seat belt pre-tensioners, and the gas tanks.

After that they remove the tyres and recycle them separately since they are made out of completely different materials.

The next step is disposing of all the hazardous liquids such as the car’s fuel and oils. And if the car has a catalytic converter it will be extracted too because of the danger it can cause in touch with pollutants.

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After all of these hazardous materials are being detached from the car it is perfectly safe to crush it. This part is usually done by huge metal hammers. Here, what is left of the car is being shredded and the materials are being separated. Strong magnets remove the metals from the rest of the materials (about 70% of the car’s weight). And a vacuum separates the lighter materials like plastics, rubber, and foam.

After that, as separated, they proceed to recycling.

Now that we have broken down the car recycling processes, what do you think about it? Would you get your scrap car recycled?

How Scrap Cars Removals Can Help You Recycle Your Car

Car owners in Sydney very often find themselves wondering about what is the best alternative for their too-old-to-drive vehicle.

If you were one of those car owners that worried about the environment and what happens to the scrap car once the car removal and recycling company takes over, you can be at ease now.

We, at Scrap Cars Removals with more than 15 years of experience in the industry will make sure that we dispose of your car in the safest possible way. On top of that, our team of professionals will make sure that you get the best possible quote. We will come to your location according to your schedule. The entire process can be done as soon as 1 hour.

So, don’t waste any time. If you are interested in selling your car, please feel free to contact us and get your quote as soon as possible. Our valuation specialist will provide you with a price quote based on the condition of your vehicle. With the best price on the market, whether your old car has a selling value or not. We will make sure you get the best price and most importantly, the best experience in 3 simple steps:

  1. Get quote
  2. Get cash
  3. Remove your car
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Newer technology and high quality services have allowed Car Removal Companies to maximize the efficiency of recycling scrap vehicles. Most of the iron is recycled as well as the working parts of the vehicles. All fuel and engine fluids are drained from the vehicle and reusable items at recycled as well. Plastics and rubbers are disposed off in a proper manner at the government environmental agency’s appointed places.

Keep the planet safe. Recycle your car with Scrap Cars Removals.

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