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6 Things to Consider when Buying a Car

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Getting a new car is an exciting experience; the only problem is there’s so much research involved. Not only do you have to worry about insurance rates, but you also need to think about car customization, price, the features of the car, among other things. If you’re having an issue figuring out which car is right for you, consider these 6 tips before you purchase.

Determine the Purpose of the Car

Make a list of needs for the car you’re looking to buy. If the vehicle is used for towing, it’s best to buy a truck or an SUV. Or, maybe you prefer comfort. If that’s the case, consider buying a van with extra seating for more convenience. The purpose of your car will also determine the accessories, amount of room, safety features, and storage. 

Consider your Monthly Budget

Some vehicles will cost more right off the lot, while others may cost more due to maintenance and parts. You also need to consider how much interest your car loan will charge you per month. Your loan payment will depend more on your credit than the price of the car. Used cars will also be cheaper, and oftentimes you can buy them outright, rather than finance it.

Compare to Online Websites

A dealership may overcharge you for the same item, or you can find an accessory online for a lower price. One example of this is personalized vanity plates. You can get customized plates here cheaper than at a government office or dealership. It’s also possible to find rare or unique plates online, as well. 

Research the Dealership you’re Buying From

Location, hours, and reputation of a dealership can all be found online. Some dealerships may not have the car you want in stock, which is why you should ask a salesman before you drive to the dealership if they have it. Some salesmen will try to deceive you and make you pay more for a vehicle, so check online for reviews and compare dealerships close to you. There are also online dealerships you can visit, and if they’re close to you, they can drive the car to your location. 

Take the Car for a Test Drive

Taking your car for a test drive is just as important as the price of the vehicle. If you don’t like the car you’re driving, you’re going to feel like it’s a bad investment. Ask the salesman for a demonstration of the car, as well as the upgraded options available for it. You’ll want to know all you can before forking over a large sum of money. 

Haggle for the Best Price

The price that the dealership presents isn’t the price you need to leave the dealership with. A salesman actually expects you to haggle, so the vehicle’s price will compensate for that. For example, if the car is 25K, the vehicle may only cost 22K. Learning how to haggle will not only save you money directly, but it may also save you money on extra accessories for the upgraded model. There’s no downside in asking for a lower price.


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