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Your Business Needs a Product Information Management (PIM) System. Here’s Why!

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Do you know all the facts and benefits of each product in your entire line? Are you ready for your next big launch? If a future client landed on your site today, would they be able to find out everything they need to know to make a purchasing decision?

You have spent so much time researching the best items for your inventory. You know you have a stellar line of products. But if you had to update an old product or add a new one, would you have to do it manually?

And if so, would you need to manually update multiple e-commerce platforms? You have a business to run, you can’t take the time to do all that data entry. If you haven’t looked into a product inventory management system, then today is the day you start getting your product line ready to scale for your next big launch.

You know you need a great CRM to keep track of your customers, read on to see why you also need a great PIM system to track your inventory.

Why You Need a PIM System

A simple Google Sheet isn’t going to cut it. You need a robust database to store all the necessary and relevant information for each product in your inventory line.

Each time you get a new widget for your product line (or an older widget is updated) you don’t have time to update this information across your entire e-commerce empire.

A central database that connects to all your platforms is vital.

Whether your products are listed on Shopify, Amazon, or Google Shopping updating each website is tedious work. You have other bigger, and more important, items on your to-do list than updating your various distribution channels.

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If you want to scale your business, you must automate and simplify every process and workflow necessary to run your business. A product information management system does that for you.

Information is King

The last thing you want is for a potential customer to leave your website wondering if your product is right for them. Ensure they have all the information right on the screen so they can make their decision right then.

Otherwise, they will close their browser and head to Google with their questions. The retailer with that information will make the sale.

You need to make sure that the retailer is you.

Quality PIM solutions ensure that all the relevant information is shared from your database to all of your e-commerce platforms. A quality PIM system will allow you to track, store and distribute all of the necessary information about every single item in your inventory.

As your product line grows and as your distribution channels increase, this will become exponentially more difficult. Get it under control now so you can grow with ease when the time comes.

Don’t Launch Without It

As you grow your business, you need to ensure you’re setting up the right systems to grow along with you. Don’t try to scale unless your systems are ready to handle it.

A product information management system will allow you to update your entire e-commerce empire through a central database. Without a PIM system, you might find yourself manually updating each platform the night before your next big launch.

Avoid the frustration and future headaches by getting your PIM system set up today. For more information keep reading other helpful articles on our blog.

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