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7 Signs You’ve Outgrown Your Free Payroll Software (And What You Should Never Do)

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Did you know that you can face a 100% penalty on employment tax issues? For a business with employees, employment taxes are your responsibility. Yet, faulty payroll software can have you miscalculating taxes, which is a grave mistake.

Running payroll means late nights, tight schedules, and a host of other overwhelming activities. Finding the best payroll software can make your paydays more manageable. If your free payroll software has gradually become ineffective, it’s probably time to upgrade.

So, how do you know you have outgrown your free payroll software? Here are 7 signs that you need to upgrade your small business payroll software.

1. You Keep Reworking the Calculations

Having an accurate payroll is every employer’s dream. As such, you’ll need to dedicate adequate time to avoid errors that can cause you trouble. It isn’t surprising to spend several hours every day making iterations to the calculations.

Reworking the calculations for days will increase the accuracy. How possible will it be to double-check the calculations and still focus on other business operations? The time and resources wasted can be quite draining for your small business.

Payroll software saves you from the calculations and corrections. If you’ve been facing this dilemma, it’s probably time for a change.

2. Complaints About Pay Slips

Employees tend to analyze their payslips more than you can imagine. You might never know about over-payments. However, when you pay less, your workers will be at your office first thing in the morning.

When shopping for paystubs, work with a reputable agency to avoid fake check stubs. A paystub with the wrong details can cause conflict with your workers. It would be best if you counter-check the document to ensure that the information is correct.

One complaint for probably a year isn’t much of a big deal. You should be worried if your workers complain every payday. You need to upgrade your free payroll software to address the issue.

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3. Late Salary Payment

Money is a motivating factor that will determine how your workers perform. Employees often view the wages as the value employers place on them. Delay in salary can have adverse impacts on employee motivation.

Faulty payroll software will make you delay to complete some tasks, which will mean delays in salary payment. Your employees don’t know about the technicality bit of these processes. They won’t understand why their salaries are delaying.

It would help to have a payroll software solution that won’t cause such delays. Investing in the tool is such a small price to pay compared to the losses you’re likely to incur with delayed payments every month.

4. Regular Errors in Payroll Calculations

If there’s an activity you can’t afford to do trial and error, it is payroll. Your payroll ought to be 100% accurate, or you risk facing costly penalties. Besides getting the payroll right, you have to make a timely filing to avoid the 0.5% penalties, which can escalate to 25% for delays in tax filing.

Mistakes in payroll calculations can be attributed to the software you’re using. The best payroll software can save you from regular mistakes every month. The best part is that you can have free payroll software that will perform optimally.

When you search for online payroll software, you’ll get a range of options. You need to vet each tool thoroughly to guarantee you accuracy in your payroll. The features of payroll software vary based on the provider; check out the attributes that resonate with your business needs.

5. Delays in Generating Management Reports

Well-performing payroll software should generate reports such as the salary benefits, salary statements, and leave summary. With payroll printing software you can download payroll forms such as Form 16, Form 12BA, and 12C. These documents will play a central role in management reports.

If your system can’t generate timely reports to show how teams or departments are performing, making necessary changes will be impossible. Your payroll solution should provide monthly reports on costs, hours late, and cases of absenteeism. An efficient payroll will run the reports automatically and send relevant documents to the rightful managers.

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6. High Turnover

Employee turnover is every business owner’s nightmare. Turnover is costly and generally detrimental to a business. When an employee leaves, you have to invest resources to hire another top talent.

Do you know with a free payroll software you can address high turnover? Payroll software solutions have reporting functions that will help in analyzing information related to turnover. Analyze the patterns to establish the factors that are probably making workers quit.

You might realize that workers are having problems with a particular manager or a specific period. The decisions you make based on the findings will reduce turnover significantly. It would be crucial to consider upgrading to the payroll software offering these essential features.

7. You Need to Scale

Like any other business, planning to scale up is inevitable. The free payroll software you’re currently using might not work for you. It would be best to upgrade your payroll software to have a tool with features that can support a growing business.

For most companies, outsourcing, some of the core functions, becomes inevitable when the business grows. You don’t have to! Getting the right payroll software will increase the efficiency of your operations even when your business has grown to greater heights. You can check out the best payroll software options to know what will work for you.

Inefficiencies in Your Free Payroll Software Are Signs That You Need to Upgrade

Payroll software solutions are essential parts of any business that has employees. The right payroll software has significant impacts on your other operations. If your free payroll software isn’t performing as expected, it’s probably time for a replacement.

Fortunately, you have a wide range of options when it comes to payroll software. You’ll only need to up your vetting game to avoid ending up with a dismally performing tool. Have a checklist to establish the functionalities you’ll be looking for in the software.

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