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What Is a Lanyard Used for? We Can Think of 10 Things

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what is a lanyard used for

Lanyards have to be the most fun way to display your ID or hold your keys. Not only do they look great, but it’s also a cool way to display information.

Whether you use them for security, a gift, or promotion for an event, there are styles for everyone out there.

Keep reading to learn the 10 ways we can answer: “what is a lanyard used for”?

What Is a Lanyard Used For

A lanyard is a strap or cord that typically hangs on your neck and displays an ID or an event pass. You can learn more information about lanyards and the different types of lanyards on this page.

Trade Shows

Lanyards are great for trade show branding. At trade shows, you compete with everyone else on the floor, and a lanyard is a great way to make sure people are brining your brand home with them.

Security In Buildings

If you work in a building that has different levels of security clearance, a lanyard can easily display the person’s badge or ID with the lanyard. Even the color of the lanyard can change depending on the security clearance so it’s easy to check at a glance.

In The Garage

If you have a cluttered garage, you can use a lanyard to hang items up for easy access. Just use a nail to hang up the lanyard, and attach your tools.

In Stores

There’s nothing worse than going to a store where you can’t tell who’s an employee and who’s just another customer. With lanyards, it makes it easy for people to identify who to go to for help.

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Concerts Or Festivals

For large festivals and concerts, it’s important for security to know who’s supposed to be there and who is not. Using a lanyard that displays tickets is the easiest and quickest way for them to check your credentials.


At school, you must know who is there as a visitor or as a teacher. Lanyards give credibility to people who are supposed to be in there.

Public Speakers

Public speakers often need to carry their notes or pens with them at events. A lanyard makes it convenient to carry them and keep their hands free.


Either by selling the lanyards, or giving them away free, lanyards are great for fundraisers. Everyone likes getting free stuff or helping out, and these would work great for them.

Political Events

With so many people in their candidate’s colors and name, it can be easy for the political coordinators to see who’s an employee and who’s just a supporter. With lanyards, you can easily identify who is there for security, part of the press, or part of the committee.

Film Crews

Film crews often need to display their badges in order to identify themselves as someone who has the right to film. A lanyard keeps all that information upfront and ready for verification.

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