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Video Brochures: Why Your Business Needs Them in 2020

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Video Brochures: Why Your Business Needs Them in 2020

Today’s Corporate America offers more resources and tools for your marketing strategy than ever before.

It’s also taken the liberty of advancing marketing tools that were already must-have’s in your campaigns, such as sales brochures.

Video brochures now exist and offer your company an advanced way to sell your product and services. Now you can reach new clientele and deliver a consistent pitch easier than ever before.

As you can imagine, there are several benefits to getting video brochures for your business.

Here are just a few of the ways they’ll push your marketing results to new heights in the upcoming year of 2020.

1. It’s the New Way of Life

In today’s modern culture, your potential clients have all kinds of videos shoved in their faces daily. Everything from 5-second videos to 3-minute videos offers an insight into why they need a certain product.

Because of that, the entire marketplace has reached a point where they opt for videos to instruct them on what’s best for their needs. They can get the same message much quicker in a 30-second video.

If your company isn’t offering them that resource for information on your product, you’ve already fallen behind the competition.

A video brochure will give you the ability to show your potential buyers what makes your service unique. It will glue their eyes to the screen so that you have their full attention as you lay out the details.

2. Best of Both Worlds

Perhaps you consider yourself a bit old school and still understand the perks of quality printed content on your brochures.

You may think that a video brochure has an all-or-nothing approach: that it’s either all video or all print. Fortunately, you can create a brochure that has both!

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Integrating text pages into video brochures will give you the benefits of both forms of marketing on one all-encompassing pamphlet. Now, no matter how your client processes their information, your brochure will cater to it.

The physical brochure will get your company out in front of the customer, but it won’t sell the product for you without streamlined content.

Set yourself up with both video and printed content to drive the point home on your services.

3. Sell Your Background

Clients tend to gravitate towards the companies they feel they can best relate to.

Offering transparency to your customers on your company and its background story will open their eyes to the values you have. The only problem is… that’s really hard to do on a printed brochure.

Readers will see long paragraphs on the back page of your brochure and be immediately turned off to reading it.

Rather, you can control the voice and tone of your company’s story in a short video and drive the point home of what separates you from the competition.

Potential buyers love getting a peek behind the curtains with items they purchase, and your video brochure is sure to offer that for them.

4. Adds a Wow Factor to Your Marketing Tools

Consumers in the marketplace get handed sales brochures every single day. They go to a convention expecting to be handed upwards of 20-30 pamphlets on certain companies.

These brochures offer little-to-no individualistic qualities to them. Nothing separates the printed brochure on a plumbing service from the printed brochure of a marketing agency when they’re placed in a stack.

Meanwhile, your video brochure will stand out. Those you hand them to will immediately want to admire the collateral piece you’ve given them and the content within it.

Video brochures are still a relatively new concept in the marketplace. So you may win over a customer simply by being the first company to ever hand them a video brochure… Don’t you wish it was that easy all the time?

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5. Consistent Message on Your Marketing

The content that you print can often be misinterpreted by the potential buyers that are reading it.

People have different reading capabilities, so the words your print will be misunderstood from the message you were actually intending.

A video brochure will offer the same consistent sales pitch to each and every customer that possesses one. Your tone and voice will set a clear message on the products and services you deliver.

They’ll see your company for the wholesome business that it actually is. You’ll be putting a face to your business to help your customers associate it as a people-first company.

6. It Leaves a High-End Impression

As you grow your business, you’ll start targeting higher-end clients and businesses with more cash to spend on your premium products.

Those types of customers want to know that the companies they do business with are meeting higher standards.

Sure, your service lives up to that reputation, but how can you convince them of that before they purchase? Show it off in your marketing tools.

A video brochure will give a valuable first impression of your company and the top priorities that you have: becoming a sophisticated business. Your competitors aren’t using video brochures yet, beat them to the punch!

More than that, your high-end prospects have very limited time on their hands to read up on your business. The video lets them capture the essence of your company in just a few mere minutes.

Video Brochures Are a Must-Have for Your Business

Don’t push this off any longer, get your business set up with high-quality video brochures today!

You’ll witness an expedited sales cycle and higher conversion rates on your marketing materials that you use.

Be sure to read several more of our articles on right here on our site for more helpful insight to give yourself an advantage!

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