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How to Use QR Codes on Business Cards?

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Business cards are often aimed to give your brief introduction and the nature of your job to the people around you. It is a known fact that most of these cards end up housing in a garbage bin without serving the right purpose. Only a few people get to use vital information scribbled on your business card. This majorly happens because these cards are so conventional and unattractive for the audience that their worth is only that of any other paper. However, the advancement in latest technology led to the development of QR codes which can alter this situation for all of us. People can grasp the attention too much extent by using these codes on business cards. These QR codes can be scanned, for instance, the vCard Plus QR Code.

This article will enlighten you about how these codes can be used on the business cards.

What are the QR codes?

Quick response codes are simple black and white boxes. They primarily look like white noise with around three squares on the top right, left and the bottom left as well. These codes are categorically designed to be scanned and almost every type of smartphone can do this. The users must access a QR scanning app for this purpose.  QR codes can be made by a QR code generator as QRzebra. Nowadays a number of food and other packaging companies are using these codes on their products for better advertisement and customer reach. Similarly adding QR codes to the business cards can benefit the job seekers as well as the employers, let’s have a look:

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QR codes and business cards

There are a number of benefits of using the QR codes on the business cards. One of the most obvious ones is using them on your business stationery will instantly enable you is their ability to instantly channelize your network. These QR codes on business cards are also named vcards any connection can in one click load all your contact data to their smartphone, it’s super-efficient.  The other benefits are as follows:

1. Direct linkage to an online resume

If you want any straightforward linkage to some online resume, adding a QR code on your card would allow you to do it. By using these codes, you can direct people about the exact location. Precisely it can be done through any LinkedIn page, some website that is being created with Wix, or by using a PDF QR Code.

2. Exhibit your creativity promptly

If you are a creative genius, a traditional business card might not very efficiently help you. By using a QR code, it would be really easy for you to show your new animation, funky illustration, graphic design or doodling. This quick response code is going to alert your contacts about your exclusive skills.

3. Alluring Business card

If you want to get a creative business card, a QR Code Generator can be of your utmost help. This unique technology offers the required tools to create spectacular business cards. These cards will not only fetch attention but also create the ease that a traditional card can never do. Have a look to this example of a Vcard.

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4. Placement of the QR codes on your resume

By placing a QR Code on your resume or CV, you can link it to your projects, references or any other pertinent material.

5. Linkage with potential customers

The placement of QR codes on your business cards, you can create a bond with the customers. There is no doubt that using marketing tools such as online Videos, blogs as well as websites can greatly work personalize your business but convincing the customers to go through all this is a hassle. However, QR codes solve this matter.

qr code generator free

By using QRzebra’s QR code generator with logo you can create the business cards in your very own style. This code will eventually be embraced by the people in all walks of life because of the ease and personalization they offer. So you shall also give it a try for your upcoming business cards and stationery.

Also, it’s important to make use of dynamic QR code for your v-card as they can help you in updating all your information behind your business card QR code like URL instantly and Dynamic QR codes allow you to track valuable consumer data! On QRzebra it’s easy to do this!

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