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Top Ten Reasons Businesses Should Adopt Cloud Accounting

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Cloud Accounting

Since the advent of technology, businesses have been gearing up in implementing the latest technology and software to scale up their operations. One of these modern advancements in cloud technology and its slowly revolutionizing the business industry. Cloud technology has many benefits to the business and though it has risks, its advantages outweigh its drawbacks. 

For the last few years’ cloud technology has been useful in many business operations. According to Envolta, cloud-based accounting software now offers you more reliability and functionality than traditional accounting systems.

Well, if you want to manage the financial affairs of your business then you should consider now adopting cloud accounting. 

Ease of Access  

Cloud accounting allows you to access important financial information or accounts anywhere, anytime using multiple devices. This is unlike the traditional account system where you have to stay in your office when adding, modifying, or deleting any financial data. This is because important data, software and accounts are stored in local hard drives; limiting access to the data and information remotely. 

However, with a cloud account, you won’t have any limits and besides your financial records and information will be encrypted and saved on cloud servers. Using any device, you can access the information through an active internet connection without having to download and install any software or extension. Besides, you only log in with the internet or Wi-Fi and monitor your business remotely.

Safety of Data

Well if you’re managing a mid-sized or large business, then you will have plenty of consumer data to keep. From personal information such as names, addresses to payment information such as credit card numbers, it’s essential to keep this data safe. Most times, you’ll find business owners installing the latest antivirus solutions; however, hackers are becoming clever day by day and they could easily infect your computer via an unexpected source i.e. USB.

Besides, viruses nowadays may not only expose your customers’ and employees’ information but also lead to site inconveniences. But with a cloud account, everything is safer since even if your computer is attacked by a virus, then you can access information from another computer. 

Lower IT Costs

As a business, you’ll require regular maintenance of your IT systems such as computers, servers, and networks, etc. but the moment you move to cloud accounting, then these services won’t be necessary since instead of getting expensive equipment and services for the business, then you only pay for the resources of your cloud accounting provider. Besides, your operating costs will reduce since you won’t need money to upgrade your systems, pay IT staff, and the energy consumption will reduce as there’ll be minimum IT systems. 


When joining cloud accounting, your business may still be growing and therefore, you’ll have lower storage and operation needs. But as your business expands, flexibility will change and therefore, instead of getting expensive upgrades for your accounting, then pay for a higher package with your cloud hosting provider. Therefore, you’ll enjoy faster scalability and your business will adapt based on the changing needs.


Data mobility and availability are important to modern organizations. Since customers nowadays own smartphones and computers, they want faster and convenient ways of accessing data from their devices. Therefore, for a company to become relevant and more competitive it must adapt to the increasing customer needs by adopting cloud accounting.

The workplace is also now depending more on virtual technology and enabling your employees to access the company’s network remotely and with ease. Besides enabling companies’ employees’ to access the business resources from any location, they also enable them to collaborate on different projects that require different skills and output of various employees. 

Reduces Boring Paperwork 

Cloud accounting enables your business to transition into a paperless mode, unlike the traditional accounting that has a lot of paperwork and data entry. Therefore, you’ll save more time in your business and you won’t have to print and make our hard copies of every financial data or transaction in your company. Going paperless also means faster and effective services as you will conveniently send various documents to your clients without paying for postage or printing. 

Aside from that, you can scan incoming receipts or bills and save it to the cloud platform. And since you will have digitized all the documents and saved them on the platform, then there’ll be no need of keeping hard copies, therefore, saving your storage costs and filing spaces.

Better IT Infrastructure 

Cloud hosting providers are specialized in the niche of IT and therefore have the latest and state-of-the-art IT infrastructure. And since it’s costly and hard to update your infrastructure regularly, you’ll still have the best IT services without spending tons of bucks. Besides, cloud providers have the best computing resources and they’re always working to make them more efficient, powerful, and flexible. Therefore, you have an assurance of the best technology and modern solutions tailored to business needs.

And since their systems are modern, you’ll rarely experience any performance or compatibility issue that would result from the use of outdated IT infrastructure. And though this infrastructure may be expensive, these providers always makes the cost negligible and affordable to different businesses.

Security Updates

The cybersecurity world is constantly evolving and being updated on the latest threats can be a daunting task if you don’t have the best IT personnel, equipment, and other resources. This is common in small companies where they’re trying to minimize their operating costs by reducing staff or having no IT staff in their model. Thus, cloud providers will help these small and mid-sized companies to protect their systems and deal with any emerging threats. By constantly updating the definition of the latest threats and vulnerabilities, accounting systems of companies will be safe from malware or hacker attacks.

As technology advances and the needs of accounting businesses evolve, there is more need for cloud accounting services. Companies that want to keep themselves ahead of the competition should adopt this technology as it will help in improving their operations, making their data safer, and also making interactions and collaborations easier. The good news is there is a wide array of cloud providers in the market offering their services to suit different budgets and customer needs.

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