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The Top 10 Office Colors for Increased Productivity

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The Top 10 Office Colors for Increased Productivity

The average employee is interrupted 56 times during a workday.

Simple changes to your office design can help your employees thrive. A surprising example is changing your office colors.

The right colors can energize and inspire your staff, helping maintain their focus and boosting their work. In addition, dull colors can bore your staff.

Which colors should you use? Here are the best office colors for productivity with some additional tips to spruce up your office.

1. Red

Red is renowned for its energetic effects. The color red also evokes a sense of urgency and can help you and your staff do your jobs faster.

If you work in an environment where you and your staff are always on your feet, you’ll benefit from red office walls. For example, many retail companies paint their walls red and use red color schemes in their branding.

2. Blue

On the opposite end of the spectrum, blue generally evokes peacefulness. But certain shades of blue induce productivity.

If you’re painting your office blue, opt for stimulating shades of blue such as:

  • Pale winter blue
  • Navy blue
  • Sea blue
  • Dark blue
  • Teal
  • Gray-blue
  • Cobalt blue
  • Midnight blue

Which businesses benefit most from blue wall paint? Any business where you and your staff aren’t physically active but your work requires mental stimulation. Accountants are a perfect example.

3. Green

Like blue, green has many meanings. First, green is the color of money. This alone is enough for your staff to think about their next paycheck!

But green is also a tranquil color that induces balance. Green is the color of nature, which is also perfect for eco-friendly companies.

Any business can benefit from green walls. But those in the finance industry, as well as any environmental-based industries, will also benefit from green.

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4. Yellow

Like red, yellow is a stimulating and energetic color. But yellow is also more versatile. Yellow helps inspire creativity, so it’s perfect for artistic and creative companies such as design and marketing firms.

Yellow is also the color of the sun and can inspire feelings of happiness, making it another versatile color for all businesses.

5. Off-White

Yes, white walls look drab and uninspiring. However, off-white is softer and can transform the look of any office.

Off-white adds in hints of gray to pure white. This shade is slightly warmer but is still clean and versatile enough for any office. Since this is also a popular clothing color, many clothing brands use this color in their branding.

Make this color pop even more by adding in an accent color such as blue or red.

6. Gray

Do you still like the idea of a neutral office color but want to avoid white? Stick to gray.

Different shades of gray can inspire different emotions. For example, a classic dark gray is melancholy while lighter shades of gray are more sophisticated.

Gray is also the color of concrete and many buildings. This is why architecture firms use gray in their branding.

7. Brown

Another neutral to consider is brown. Brown is the color of the earth and is a perfect option for environmental brands. Brown is generally a very powerful color, perfect for universities to use around campus.

You’ll also see furniture brands, specifically wood professionals, use brown in their branding.

Brown is also the color of a certain caffeinated beverage: coffee! If you and your staff love your morning coffee fix, walking into a warm brown office will remind you of a cup of Joe!

8. Purple

Purple is famous for being a feminine color. This is why many spunky salons paint their walls purple so their clients can truly feel like they’re getting pampered.

However, a soft purple has a sophisticated and almost regal sensation. Which is why interior designers may use softer purple shades in their office decor.

Additional Design Tips to Know

Choosing the right colors may not be enough. Here are more office design tips to create a more productive atmosphere.

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Choose the Best Lighting

All of the efforts you made painting your office will go to waste if your office has poor lighting.

If your office has many windows, ditch the curtains and blinds so sunlight can pour in. Natural light is energizing and a serious productivity booster.

If your office doesn’t have many windows, choose lightbulbs and lighting options that imitate sunlight. A chandelier can pour in light to every corner of your office. Put a lamp at every employee’s desk.

Choose halogen lightbulbs because they have the most similar effect to natural light.

Display Art

This piece of advice is especially important if you work in a creative industry, such as design. Displaying art will give you and your staff a boost of creativity.

Get in the habit of buying art from local artists. Keep books of your favorite artists and display them around the office.

Not the artsy type? Frame pictures of you and your staff during meetings, conferences, events, and other major landmarks. The memories will help motivate you all to do better.

Make Your Paint Pop

While the colors mentioned previously can all boost your productivity, there are ways to turn a drab color into a cool color! If you’re all artists, design your own unique art on the walls.

Even a simple coat of glitter paint can do wonders!

From Green to Red: These Office Colors Will Boost Your Productivity

Every business can use a more productive space.

These office colors add more oomph to your office and can inspire you and your staff. However, always keep your industry in mind and understand which colors will best convey your business.

In addition, you can add paint details and artwork to spice up your office. Your lighting also matters more than you think.

What are you waiting for? Get to painting!

Need more business advice? We offer plenty of resources for businesses of all sizes. Continue reading our blog!

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