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How to Start a Logging Company: 5 Useful Tips

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Starting a business can be emotionally and financially rewarding. A logging company is a perfect business if you enjoy being outdoors and have some knowledge of timber.

Before you get started, there are some important things you need to know, and we are here to help. Continue reading this article to learn how to start a logging business.

1. Find & Purchase Basic Equipment

Before you can get started, you need to find and purchase basic equipment. Some of the basic equipment you’ll need includes axes, chainsaws, maintenance tools, splitting mauls, sharpening tools, and more.

You may also need some heavy-duty logging equipment, depending on what type of logging you plan on doing.

2. Get a Vehicle for Delivering Timber

Once you have your product ready to sell, you need to deliver it to your customers. You have to determine whether you want to purchase the truck or if you’d like to lease the truck.

If you decide to buy the truck, you’ll be stuck with it until it dies or you can sell it. When you lease a truck, you’ll be able to give it back at the end of the lease and get an upgraded delivery vehicle if you don’t like the current model.

3. Set Up Your Woodlot or Rent Land

You’re going to need somewhere to put your wood as you’re gathering it. Having your own woodlot is the best option, but if you’re just getting started, you might not have the money to purchase land for a woodlot.

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You can talk to people that own land in the area you’re interested in and see if you can rent some of the land to put your product on until it is ready to sell.

4. Look for Fallen Trees & Find Land to Log

If you want to have a successful business, you need to have a steady supply of product for your customers that need it. People often list fallen trees on craigslist and other websites, so make sure to scour those whenever you need more product.

The best way to find land to log is to network. Don’t be afraid to put feelers out there and ask who has land that would be good for logging. Finding a mentor to help you can be another way to fast-track the process.

5. Get All Necessary Insurance

Every business needs insurance, and logging companies need logging insurance. Making sure your business is protected in case of an accident will keep you from losing everything if something bad happens.

Check all the rules and regulations in your area to make sure you have the right type of insurance and enough insurance according to the law.

Growing Your Logging Company

Now you know more about starting your logging company, and it’s time to start growing. Take care of the steps above and then get to marketing, so you can get your investment back and keep growing your business.

Do you want to learn more about business and other important topics? Keep reading our site to get the help you need.

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