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Think Outside the Box: 7 Creative Shipping Container Business Ideas

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Think Outside the Box: 7 Creative Shipping Container Business Ideas

Are you looking for a creative space to host your new business venture?

Today, consumers are all about the venue. People desire to be in a place where the venue is just as aesthetically pleasing as the product or service.

This is why businesses today put so much pressure on finding the right venue to host their business. They want to find somewhere that speaks to their brand and offers their clientele a pleasing space to be within.

Let’s be honest, a dedicated space within a shopping mall isn’t the most original venue. If you really want to appeal to your audience, you’re going to want to find a venue that sets itself apart from the competition. This is where shipping containers come into play.

If you’re really looking to get your creative juices flowing, this one’s for you. We’re uncovering seven shipping container business ideas that are sure to provide a great space for your business.

1. A Bakery

If you eat, sleep and breathe all things baking, this one’s for you.

Whether you bake brownies, cupcakes or everything in between, a shipping container is a perfect venue to host your goods. This is a great way for consumers to sample your goods and to witness them in person.

If you find it too challenging to conduct all of your baking needs within the container, you can prepare your goods beforehand. For example, many people who operate from a shipping container will simply bring their items for sale.

All the necessary cooking and baking is done beforehand in another location. In other words, the shipping container is merely a means of presenting these items to the public and meeting your consumers.

2. A Real Estate Brokerage

Do you work in real estate?

Today, there are greater than 86,000 real estate brokerages operating throughout the USA. Of these brokerages, it’s safe to say that very few are operating out of a shipping container.

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If you really want to seperate yourself from the rest, a shipping container office is a perfect way to do so. This is also a fantastic way to elevate your brand and appeal to a certain niche in the market.

Of course, this works best for brokerages that have a limited number of employees. If you happen to be a larger brokerage, you may want to opt for two or more shipping containers that can be connected. Fortunately, there are plenty of shipping container modification services today for such assistance.

3. A Nail Salon

Have you always dreamed of setting up your own spa?

A one-on-one business such as a nail salon is perfect for a shipping container. This type of service doesn’t require all that much square footage and all of the necessary services can be completed within the container.

When consumers get word that they can have their manicure conducted from a shipping container, you can bet the crowds will be flocking!

4. An Information Center

Remember, a shipping container doesn’t always have to sell physical goods.

Instead, this could be an effective way to promote your brand or the services of your company. This can be set up as an information center and will provide the details of your business to potential consumers.

This is an incredible way to get your brand out into the world and to interact with your target audience.

5. An Art Gallery

If you’re looking to showcase your art or photograph to the public, why not rent a shipping container?

This is a simple, affordable and effective means of bringing your artwork into the world. Here, you can advertise different artwork for sale or simply just showcase your own work.

An eye-catching, well-decorated shipping container is a fitting venue for any art-forward crowd.

6. A Tasting Room

Are you looking to showcase a new vintage of wine? Or, what about that new Grapefruit IPA that’s soon to be hitting the shelves?

If so, why not consider hosting a public tasting from your shipping container? Your business can look to rent or even a shipping container and host a number of tastings. Here, there will be enough room to set up a simple tasting and host a small number of people.

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Just make sure that you have all the proper licenses to serve alcohol from within this container!

7. A Pop-Up Shop

Pop-up shops have never been more popular than they are today.

In today’s market, we’re seeing pop-up shops for anything from a new brand of vodka and a clothing retailer to a cupcakery and a minibar. A pop-up shop is a great way for new businesses to “test” the market without having to expose themselves to high degrees of risk.

For example, a new brand could rent a pop-up shop for a simple period of a month. Here, they can test how customers interact with their products, showcase their brand and meet face-to-face with their consumers.

Shipping containers can act as a perfect venue for a pop-up shop. They’re small, typically inexpensive and will catch the attention of consumers. This is why so many shipping container owners rent out their shipping containers on a short-term lease to differing businesses.

Shipping Container Business Ideas

Today, more than 12 million shipping containers enter American ports.

Of these containers, many are used for the transportation of goods. However, a growing number of these containers have found a new life in both residential structures and commercial buildings.

A simple shipping container can provide business owners alike with a cost-effective and environmentally friendly structure. With a touch of elbow grease, any shipping container can be transformed into an operable venue.

It’s safe to say this is why shipping containers have entered the commercial world. Not only do they offer a wallet-friendly solution to renting retail space, but they also offer a totally unique venue.

Has the thought of hosting your business in a shipping container caught your attention? If so, be sure to consider these shipping container business ideas and how they could elevate your brand!

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