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The 5 Secrets to Successful Sales Team Management

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Around 57 percent of sales reps missed quotas last year.

With those kinds of figures, you have to ask yourself if you’re getting the most out of your sales team. Having a successful sales team is fundamental to any business.

We can help you to improve your sales results with our 5 secrets of sales team management. Want to know more? Read below!

1. Rockstar Status

Most organizations have a marketing team, an HR department, and IT support. But, your company always relies on your sales team to keep things ticking over.

Your sales team should feel like rockstars in your company. You need a high level of confidence in order to consistently perform in sales.

Your company needs to put sales at the core of your organization to get the most of these important members of staff.

2. Empower Don’t Dictate

You want to empower your sales team, not dictate to them. Encourage creativity and freedom! If you constantly tell them what they can and can’t do, then they’ll stop thinking for themselves.

You should focus on removing the obstacles which prevent them from achieving results. This is the opposite approach of putting compliance rules and strict regulation in the way.

Therefore, you need to take a hands-off approach a lot of the time. You want the sales team to come up with their own solutions to problems. You’ll role is to provide support and help them to think through challenges.

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3. Create a Motivational Incentive

You need to make sure your sales team are paid adequately for their efforts. But also, introduce motivational incentives for achieving results.

Why should your sales team go the extra mile?

Include a bonus for achieving specific sales targets. Or, add a commission for every sale made by the salesperson.

4. Room for Development

Your sales team are like sharks. They need to be constantly moving forward.

You need to provide opportunities for learning and development. You can’t rest on your laurels, you need to keep progressing.

This is especially important because the field is constantly changing. When consumer behavior changes, your team need to respond accordingly.

As new sales processes and technologies are introduced, you need to encourage your sales team to adapt to the changes.

5. Overcome Rejection

A quality sales team needs to be prepared to handle rejections. It’s inevitable that for every sale, you’ll encounter more rejections.

Therefore, your sales team need to maintain motivation in the face of “no” at the end of the call. This can be demoralizing for many employees.

As a manager, you need to urge your team to talk to each other. Run through the data with call analysis software to see what can be improved. This helps to reduce the extent to which the rejection is experienced as personal.

You need to encourage a seize mentality in which your sales team as working together up against forces bigger than themselves.

The Secrets of Sales Team Management

Now you know the five secrets of sales team management, it’s time to introduce these measures to improve your sales performance.

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If you want to learn more about how to increase your sales rate in the slow season, check out our blog here.

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