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How to Start a Plumbing Business: The Ultimate Guide

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How to Start a Plumbing Business: The Ultimate Guide

Have you ever been interested in starting a plumbing business?

A plumbing business can be a surefire way to grow a profitable empire. However, you’ll have to take several steps to ensure that the process goes smoothly. Many aspiring entrepreneurs fail to follow prepare, preventing them from growing.

If you ever see a plumbing business for sale, it’s most likely because the owner was one of the said entrepreneurs. By using this article as a guide for your business, you’ll quickly become a successful plumbing business owner.

Read on to learn more about how to start a plumbing business the right way!

The Plumbing Industry

Starting a plumbing business can take you far because it’s an industry that will never go away. Plumbing revolves around making and repairing systems that transport water to different things.

Some common examples of things that use plumbing systems are sinks and toilets. Almost every building is equipped with a plumbing system in some way or another because water can be used for a variety of things.

When you decide that you’d like to start a plumbing business, you’ll need to prepare yourself in many ways. You’ll quickly notice that it won’t be difficult for you to get business as plumbing services are always in high demand.

There are several times of the year where you’ll get more business than usual, such as winter. Because plumbing work can vary depending on the weather, you’ll need to get a variety of equipment to ensure you can take on any job.

Create a Plan

One of the most important things you need to do to find success with your plumbing business is to create a plan. This is fairly simple to do as you mainly need to decide where you’ll set up shop at.

It’s easier to find plumbing work in large cities because there are more buildings to work on. However, this will mean that you’ll face more competition than you would in a small city.

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Depending on where you go, you’ll also face several elements that can affect your work. For example, pipes can freeze in cities where snow is common during winter. Popular plumbing companies like Aspen Plumbing & Rooter use a variety of tools to thaw pipes such as space heaters and heating tape.

You’ll have to consider these things because it will help you get your finances together, which is another thing to plan. Your money will be important when starting because you’ll have to invest in licenses, property, equipment, staff, etc.

The best way to start a plumbing business is to save money. If you need to, you can take out things like business loans, but these should be a last resort.

Get Licensed

After you’ve made a plan and saved money, you’ll need to get licensed. A business license is necessary for all businesses because you can face large fines if you operate without one.

You’ll also need to invest in insurance to protect both yourself and your clients. Without insurance, no one will work with you as they don’t want to be held responsible for damages. Your insurance provider will be able to cover damages for clients should you break something.

Having insurance will also allow you to receive proper medical assistance if anything goes wrong during a job. This insurance will cover any employees, as well.

Gather Equipment

Equipment will be essential for your business as you won’t be able to do work without any. Some of the most common plumbing tools are things like tape, wrenches, saws, pliers, and towels.

A visit to your local hardware store will allow you to purchase most of the things that you’ll need to do work. Depending on the services that you offer, you’ll need various tools to ensure you can do them.

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For example, you’ll need solder, flux, and a torch if you’d like to cut pipes and place new joints. This is a common plumbing job, but you don’t have to offer this service.

You’ll also need to get a vehicle that’s able to transport all of your equipment. Keep in mind that you’ll most likely be traveling with employees, so they must be able to fit. You can get a work van or truck as they offer large storage spaces.

When you save money for your business, you should ensure that you have enough to purchase equipment alongside everything else. Equipment won’t cost as much as buying a property, but it’s still something that should be considered.

Start Advertising on Social Media

The last thing you’ll need to do is advertise your business. While you can opt for billboards and posters, your best bet will be to advertise on social media. With social media, you can advertise your business to over 3.2 billion active daily users.

Advertising on social media will grant you access to several filters so that you can reliably earn more customers. You’ll be able to choose the location and age range of people that you want to see your ad. They’ll see your advertisement as their scrolling through their feeds.

Now You Know How to Start a Plumbing Business

Starting a plumbing business can be one of the easiest ways to earn passive income. You’ll have job security, and you won’t have to spend as much money as you would with another business.

Now that you know how to start a plumbing business, be sure to make a plan. Come up with several plumbing company names, think about where you want to go and get licensed. You’ll also need to buy equipment so that you can start working immediately.

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