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Squad Goals: How to Build a Winning Business Team in 2020

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Squad Goals: How to Build a Winning Business Team in 2020

Most companies get it wrong when it comes to hiring due to not recruiting with a purpose. Hiring for diversity, integrity, and potential are recruitment techniques top companies master to hire the right person for the job.

Adding the right talent to your business team may be difficult if you don’t have a plan. Have you developed a team building recruitment plan? If not, you should get on it as soon as you can.

Don’t know where to start? We’ve got you covered. Here are the 4 steps you should follow to start building the best corporate team today.

1. Define Your Business Development Strategy

You may think posting the position on job boards is the first step to hire the right talent. Yet, the starting point is defining your company vision and where you want to take your business. Are you looking to turn your company into the next big thing by boosting your sales?

What’s your company culture? Ask yourself several questions to define what makes your company different from your competitors. Your business development strategy will guide you to define the ideal candidate for your corporate team.

2. Figure Out Where’s the Talent

Today, you may think posting the position on job boards is enough to bring the right talent your way. However, it will all come down to putting your company in front of candidates with great potential. Consider posting your job on social media platforms such as LinkedIn to connect with the best talent.

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3. Make Your Company and Team Accessible

Have you set up a company site? Can a candidate contact your offices or team easily? Believe it or not, candidates often search for your website and team members to learn more about your business.

Most candidates want to know what type of organization you run before getting their feet wet. Try to make your site easy to navigate and share details about your company to make it appealing for new hires.

You should also make it easy for potential candidates to contact your offices and team even when you aren’t looking to hire. Your site should display the contact information for your offices and certain team members to motivate top talent to reach out.

4. Hire and Bring the Right People Onboard to Take Your Company to the Next Level

Once you set up the building blocks, it’s time to execute your recruitment strategy. Make sure your recruitment team is onboard and understands the ultimate goal behind your plan. Before bringing in a new hire, you should learn about the latest training trends in 2020.

Hiring the right person is only half the game. The best companies focus on implementing the best training strategies to bring out the best in their new hires.

Can You Hire the Best Business Team?

You can hire the right business team to take your company to the next level. Before bringing anyone onboard, it’s important to set the tone and culture of your company. Your company mission and culture will help you define your recruitment strategy and make your business more appealing to top talent.

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You may think hiring someone whose resume checks all the boxes on your job posting is your best bet. However, this perfect candidate may not fit your company culture.

It may come as a surprise, but people with potential may bring more to the table than the cream of the crop. During your recruitment process, you should focus on the value the person will bring to your team and company.

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