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Say No to these Mistakes to Nail your First Interview

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Free Job Postings in India

Hunting for a job requires more and more efforts definitely.

But, what holds more weightage than it?

The fact is that the real hard work starts when the recruiter calls you for an interview. Every recruiter has many responsibilities, which the company has given him and one of them is to recruit only the right applicants, even the best candidates.

Companies roll over each and every little element about the employee, which can be benefitted to them in every way. That is why, every company demands the recruiter to extract every important piece of information about the applicant.

The recruiter or the interviewer keeps their eyes on each detail given by the candidate. Online Free Job Postings in Pune portals ask for the details of the applicants, like- experiences, skills, and achievements.

This is one the most important parts, where you should be creative. And, be sure about your personality attributes that make you unique among the crowd of applicants. But, knowingly or unknowingly, half of the aspirants commit some mistakes, which can impact negatively on the recruiters like:

  • Writing an Essay about Yourself: This is one of the most common mistakes done by job seekers. A resume is a document, through which the interviewer makes an image about you. So, this piece of a document must be prepared carefully. Never write long paragraphs to display your abilities, always try to create points and short sentences, which can be read easily and quickly.
  • Ignoring the Requirements of the Company: Earlier, when people used to search for jobs in newspaper classified ads, then the ads consisted of only small information about the job and location. But, this is the internet era and people don’t want to compromise with just a small piece of detail.
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There are job-searching websites that allow the registered companies to post free jobs along with their roles and requirements. So, you can explore these portals and extract required and relevant information about concerned organization also.

  • Insufficient Preparation: “Practice makes us perfect”- This phrase is repeated, whenever the word practice comes because this is the truth that people try to ignore in their lives. No dancer can make those smooth moves without practice, no painter can craft its painting without experimenting a hundred times and so on… This principle applies to everyone.

Thus, attending an interview without any practice and preparation is just like appearing for a country level exam without having any knowledge about it. Moreover, among which, an introduction is the most crucial part of an interview. If it goes right, half of the way is clear to you. But, without practicing, this part, which looks pretty easy, can be converted into broken words and shaking voice.

  • Indiscipline during the Interview: Excited for the interview? But, if you are serious about the job and want to crack the interview, there is no way you can do it, without being showing discipline. Appearing in an interview in your lucky superman t-shirt will only give a negative impression on the interviewer. Take out your formals and dress properly. This will surely add points to your interview test. Plus, always remember to put your phone on silent and reach the location before the time given.

Benefits to Company

Almost every business and companies are making their presence online, whether it is a retailer converted into e-commerce business or a teacher getting ready for teaching something online.

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Many large companies exist in the market, which started with a normal website and now they are stealing the international market too.

Now, we don’t have to rely anymore on traditional ways of finding jobs because of the availability of technology and information. Ideally, the companies’ websites include a career or job section, where they offer the aspirants to apply for their companies directly by filling a form. This approach gives the flexibility to all the job seekers, who want to apply for that particular company, only instead of searching for jobs randomly.

This method works, but only for few people, because if someone is seeking a job, then according to this method, he/she will have to first search for companies and then apply for them one by one. There could be situations, when there are no vacancies in companies that you are hunting.

Another method, which is really useful and popular, is to use job search website. It gives companies the advantage of posting and having many job seekers under a single roof. These job portals have Free Candidate Database in India, which makes hard work of companies really easy. It just requires the recruiter to post the job and its description.

These are some little factors to have in mind, before going to the interview.

Avoid these mistakes… Take out your hidden abilities… Present them in front of the recruiter… And, make the perfect path for your bright future.

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