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How Should I Sell My House? The Top 5 Mistakes to Avoid

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should i sell my house

Are you looking to sell your home?

We all want to sell our homes for a fair price as quickly as possible. But sometimes the market can be slow and your home can sit there for months on end. And you might be making mistakes you don’t know how to avoid.

Don’t worry! Read on for all your answers to ”how should I sell my house”.

1. You Don’t Have the Right Agent

The real estate agent you go with can be the difference between a bad experience or not. The right agent can help you set up your home for sale and will know how to spot all these mistakes on this list and more.

Finding a real estate agent is easy, but it starts with a bit of research. Check-in with friends and family who have sold and see who they went with and would recommend. Read reviews online and talk to different agents first. Take your time, and pick the one best suited to your needs.

2. You’re Price is Too High

We all want the best price for our homes when we’re selling but you have to be practical. Emotional attachments make us think it’s worth more than the market value. When looking at determining the price of your home, don’t think what you think it’s worth. Instead, look at what similar properties in the area are selling for or get advice from an experienced estimating consultant or real estate professional.

Buyers will be able to spot an overpriced home and turn their noses up straight away. By pricing right, you’re more likely to get your asking price and encourage serious offers.

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3. You Haven’t Made the Necessary Repairs

A lot of buyers aren’t looking to take on a project. The cost of making those repairs yourself before selling might be off-putting, we get that. But it’ll increase your chance of a quick sale at asking price.

Buyers will spot even the littlest of things, like a crack in the wall plaster, or a broken cabinet hinge. It puts buyers off as they think you haven’t taken care of it and worry that these are signs of more serious issues.

4. You Haven’t Depersonalized

A buyer needs to visualize themselves living in your house. If you have family photos all around, and all your belongings dropped where you left them, they can’t do this.

Depersonalization is important though, even if it does feel weird because you’re still living there. If you don’t, you’re suggesting the home is still yours, not theirs. It’s a common mistake and one of the most detrimental.

5. You Haven’t Staged Your Home

So you’ve done the repairs, you’ve decorated nicely but there’s more to staging a home than it looking nice. It’s a specific art of making the room look the most appealing to prospective buyers.

You don’t have to buy or rent anything new to successfully stage your home. Most of the time you only need to edit down what you already have and reposition it in a more appealing way. There are plenty of tips out there to stage your home yourself. Or there are professionals who you can hire to do the hard work for you.

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So, How Should I Sell My House?

So there you have it! When you’re thinking ‘how should I sell my house’, you know what to avoid. By following these tips you will ensure your house sells as quickly as possible. Depersonalize to let your buyers imagine being in your home, make it inviting and a great realtor is key!

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