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The Top 5 Qualities an Ideal Granny Flat Should Have

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Granny Flat

Building your own granny flat actually has its own benefits. The granny flat is not only helping you to have extra rooms and storages, but also can be a tidy little sanctuary away from your home but still within your home. It can be a little escape for you to work on your project, read some books, or simply to have time for your own self. Having a granny flat also can give you extra cash by rent it out to the tenants. This is of course depending on whether your backyard warrants the space.

When you are thinking to build a granny flat, you will find various designs in the market. Before choosing one model, you should consider these qualities that the granny flat should have.

  1. The Room Sizes

You have to make sure that you’re aware of the size of the rooms. Most of the times, the size in the display is different with the real size. Therefore, you need to ask and discuss it first with the designer. You can ask the designing company to write every dimension in the plan. It is important, because you will not want to see your TV can’t fit the space in the room, or the bed is too big for your bedroom.

  1. The Light Sources

It’s important to plan how many windows you want for your granny flat. You should tell the designing company to add the numbers of windows in the plan. It makes a significant difference on how many lights that you have, along with your window’s position. The position of your granny flat land also has contribution on this. 

  1. The Colors

There are many choices of colors, but the best for the granny flat is to keep it simple. Make sure that the color will suit the surroundings. That’s why it is essential to ensure that the color of roof, the wall, the windows, all blends perfectly. You might want to sell your granny house in the future, and the house with a natural color will be easier to sell than in bold color. When you buy the furniture, you have to ensure that its color will blend wonderfully with the construction of your granny flat.

  1. The Privacy

The glass windows and glass walls are very popular for a granny flat. Because the five-star energy that the granny flat should have, it’s necessary to have as many light as possible. But if you ever think that one day you want to rent your granny flat, you should consider that they will live in your granny flat. Your new tenant might want some privacy, and a large glass window might be deterring them to choose your granny flat. You can consider this if you want to monetize your granny flat.

  1. The Renewable Energy

Are you seeking for sustainability? Then you can think to put a few solar panels on top of your granny house. They’ll soak to the sun and power the granny flat. There’s no harm in installing this system, and it is eco-friendly because it’s using traditional power. There are many benefits from using this system, especially a financial benefit. Catering for the long-term costs and balance the books as well. It also helps the environment.

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