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Outsourced Mobility Solutions Transform Employee Productivity

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Times have changed so much in five years in the way companies run their business and employees work. Those who used mobile phones earlier were on-the-road salesmen, truckers, vendors who had no stable space to conduct business. Now, even employees working in offices carry their own smartphones and work throughout the day with them.  The irony is not lost, that, even those who sit immobile at their desks need the small screen to get going to do better. This new segment of users has created a huge demand for enterprise mobility management. As it becomes a burden for the in-house IT team, outsourcing is the most convenient way to keep the workforce busy and uninterrupted.

If this makes sense to you as a senior manager, have a look at the following suggestions for a more organized method to run the show. The blog enhances your ability to face challenges as competition heats up with rivals using advanced technology assets to gain a plum slice of the market share. 

Advantage, enterprise mobility at work

Easy accessibility, flexibility & integration

Mobile applications offer 4 meaningful solutions which help the central hub to stay connected with the other branches within a single and multiple geographical locations where the work force is stationed. Mobile integration in business is in demand and its immediate benefits are related to:

  1. The optimum lifecycle of management apps
  2. Independent IT service solutions for corporate
  3. Agile publishing processes
  4. Customized security and privacy

These 4 benefits enhance productivity levels for employees. As a senior manager, the following steps can be integrated for the staff engagement as part of improvisation on management solutions.

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To get the overall benefits, best practices need to be followed keeping in mind the niche company requirements.

  • Make a decision on which mobile devices are ideal for work force. Can the employee carry their own device or should the management invest in it? Many companies like to use their own liability plans for employees to use hybrid devices. Will this work for you?
  • As employees use devices, security of the data is important. Sensitive company information cannot be shared with others. Encryption equally important before any employee is allowed to use the device. Senior management also needs to be compliant with the company policies related to data leaks.
  • Employees, unlike senior executives, tend to be lax once work time is up. Probably not all of them could be trusted with the device, data, and apps. In-house IT admin/staff also needs to be careful with the devices entrusted to them. They have the added burden of configuring devices, making tariffs, keeping track of stolen or lost phones, making continuous changes with policy related to mobile management, creating expense excel sheets and recovering phones from employees that are resigning.

As a senior manager, all these facts should be clear enough to outsource enterprise mobility management. Perhaps this could be the best way to ease the pressure on the IT department.

3rd party mobile solution providers accelerate productivity

In-house mobile solutions are restricted and employees cannot benefit nor can the top management. In fact, reports say that in-house teams have higher the cost of maintaining the device-at-work. Managed services take off at least 30-40% of the burden. This makes sure that 3rd party vendors focus completely on the enterprise management solutions. They handle security and data operations and let the in-house IT team to handle admin better. Such vendors offer a spate of genuine services as can be seen below.

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Many companies have been scarred by the ransomware bug-which proved to be a real threat. They have upgraded their IT department and considered provisions for upgrades. But other than ransomware there are other pressing issues to be taken care of any enterprise.  Data is compromised more by employees who do not understand the sensitive information they tend to leak. 3rd party solution providers offer other scans that may affect the data or any breach. They can be trusted with the security of the data. There are issues that may not be visible to the in-house team but can be detected with the outsourced party. Imagine a simple invoice being hacked from the inbox. Phishing, fraudulent emails and spams are often ignored by employees. This makes it necessary for you to step up and hand over the mobility management to a professional solution provider.

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