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How to Make Passive Income by Starting a T-Shirt Business

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When vacationing or working outdoors nothing is more comforting than rocking a new t-shirt. Whether it’s a solid color with no print or it features your favorite rock band, t-shirts are awesome.

But did you know that t-shirts can earn you money? That’s right! A lucrative t-shirt business will keep you financially comfy for years to come.

If you’re interested in starting a t-shirt business to earn income then keep reading.

Tips for Earning Money from a T-shirt Business

In the game of life, you take chances. Some pay off and some don’t. When starting a printing business you want to make all the right moves to ensure a return on investment.

If you follow these tips then before you know it your disposable income will increase.

1. Choose a Popular Niche

Although t-shirts sell, it’s important to select a niche that attracts customers. You don’t want to be any t-shirt company. You want to be a unique custom t-shirt business.

Consider collaborating with artists to design your t-shirts. If you plan to design the t-shirts yourself then approach local businesses to see if you can design their business logo or use it on custom company t-shirts.

If those niches don’t interest you check out the internet. What niches of t-shirts are selling? Funny or sarcastic t-shirts never go out of style. The same is true to sci-fi, fantasy, and animal t-shirts.

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2. To Print or Not to Print

Nowadays you don’t have to print the t-shirts yourself. Yet, if you plan to do so prepare to invest in reliable machinery, t-shirts, and inks which can costly.

But there are also print fulfillment companies such as The Printful, Print Aura, and Scalable Press, who print the t-shirts and ship them to your customers. Leaving you the task of keeping track of customer complaints, managing the books and creating new designs.

3. Get Startup Funds

A new business takes money. If you are fortunate enough to be independently wealthy before investing in a new print-on-demand business then kudos to you. Yet, most new business owners need help to get started.

Some ways to acquire the necessary money are:

  • Small Business Loans
  • Personal Savings
  • Online Fundraisers
  • Investment Partners

Applying for a small business loan from companies like Fundygo is done online. Within minutes you can have the startup capital necessary to pursue your dream.

If taking a loan isn’t an option then using personal savings might be a good choice if you have the money to spend.

Online fundraiser websites like GoFundMe allows you to start a fundraiser for your business-related cause without having to pay back the money.

Securing a private business partner is a good idea if you know someone interested and willing to finance your shirt printing business.

4. Setup Shop Online

Next, you can set up your online store and link it to the print fulfillment company of your choice through your personal business website or through online markets like Etsy, Shopify, or Amazon Marketplace.

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Be sure to read the fine print of your print fulfillment company rules and the online market to make sure your orders get received, completed and shipped on time.

5. Expand Your Reach

After all the business grunt work is complete you should continue to market your business brand. Get out and sell your merchandise at street fairs, flea markets, fundraisers, conventions, etc. Send out flyers and put up posters to advertise.

But don’t forget to network and market on social media. Instagram is a great outlet for getting pictures of your t-shirts seen. YouTube also allows you to create commercials and how to sell t-shirts videos.

Go Sell Some Shirts

Now that you know some tips on creating passive income from a t-shirt business it’s time to put your plan into action.

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