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What You Should Know About Federal Civilian Employment

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What You Should Know About Federal Civilian Employment

Federal civilian employment allows employees to work for one of the agencies of the federal government. These can range from the Social Security Administration to the Census Bureau, with dozens of other offices in between.

But what does it take to break into the federal employee workforce? And what do these positions even entail? With hundreds of federal agencies employing more than two million people, there are more than enough reasons to try and find out.

So join us, today, as we break down this growing industry, what it entails, and what you’ll need to find one of these amazing jobs as soon as you can.

What You’ll Need

There are many ways to become a federal employee. Federal websites list jobs for everyone from veterans to military spouses and native Americans. It should be mentioned, as well, that these candidates include current federal employees, looking into a change of careers.

Certain federal official jobs will not be available via the standard job search platforms. For example, members of parliament will need to win an election for entry. Federal judges must be approved by the Senate and, to be a U.S. ambassador, you’ll need a nomination, Senate approval, and extensive paperwork.

Low-ranking employment can be found fairly consistently via government websites. Search for qualified federal jobs, create a profile, upload your resume, cover letters and other documents. During the application process, the company will compare your skills with other applicants. This allows the agency to select top candidates. They’ll get answers to the question “What is federal civilian employment doing for us, right now?”

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Keep in mind that certain applicants, such as veterans receive special preference at this stage. Applicants must submit documentation, at this point, which confirms their veteran status.

Here are some more tips for getting a federal civilian job:

Other Routes To Federal Employment

  • college students, eligible for internships
  • military spouses who receive special opportunities
  • federal employee spouses and partners working overseas, provided they apply once they return to the US
  • persons with disabilities
  • candidates with significant executive experience, seeking senior-level government positions

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What You Might Be Doing

Now, it’s all fair and well to know how and where to get one of these positions. But what if you’re still not sure of any real-life examples of federal civilian employee positions? How are you going to know what your preferred field is?

We agree completely. That’s why we’ve answered the question “What is a federal civilian employee?” with the following list:

  • Economists
  • Financial analysts
  • Accountants
  • Tax professionals
  • Chemists
  • IT specialists
  • Criminal investigators into fraud and abuse

Federal Civilian Employment

There are over 10 million civilian public employment beneficiaries working in the United States. The Federal government is the nation’s single largest employer, with three million civilian employees, total. These jobs encompass all of the branches of the military, primarily employing people in non-combat roles. A fairly well-known example of federal civilian employment is the U.S. Army Corps of engineers.

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