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How to Invent a Product: Going from Idea to Design

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Do you want the truth? Not all ideas are worth pursuing.

However, that does not mean they are not worth trying. In reality, most bizarre ideas are not worth trying, but they end up changing the world in one shape or form.

Practically all modern technologies come from the in genuine invention, and the life we live today is borrowed from the collective creation of the world behind us.

So why not take your idea and learn how to invent a product? To sell, to give away, to preserve, to protect. Whichever you decide to do – it will be the right thing to do.

However, don’t let an idea die, just because somebody told you it isn’t worth it.

Keep reading for some tips on how to invent a product.

Record, Revise, Revise, Record

The first step in how to invent a product is to have an idea that is verbose in language and understanding. For the sake of argument, we will take a look at product invention from a commercial perspective.

When it comes to monetizing your invention, you have to establish ownership. You cannot profit from an idea because you saw it, you can profit from it because you have your documentation proving you are the first to think of it.

Make sure to write down all angles of the concept, all marketing routes, design paradigms, and anything else that can be written down. Your notes will conclude the entirety of a patent, which will help protect and monetize your product invention.

And after all of this, begin to revise and redact to make it a soluble product, something that has substance. Formatted and comprehensive notes are better than scribbles and tangled letters.

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Not to mention the fact that most ideas go unhindered in the realm of thoughtlessness. They simply appear and disappear. And in order to savor and fulfill an idea, you must record it for actionability.

Develop a Working Prototype

As with most ideas coming to life – the next step is to materialize the idea. Move from thought to form. At the same time, during this process, you get to smooth out the rough edges and add any features you might like to have.

A patent should not be filed unless a prototype is complete. You don’t own rights to changes to patented ideas, as those are a separate entity.

To develop a prototype, you can fulfill a three-step approach:

Visualize, Exemplify, Fulfill.

  • Visualize – illustrate and draw out the invention with all of the necessary components (moving or not moving), which will make up the final product
  • Exemplify – develop a full-scale model using any materials at hand to determine a visual standard for the product
  • Fulfill – generate an entirely working model of the product to show to peers or institutions

And to help you go from concept to design, you can use a carving desktop CNC machine, such as the X-Carve.

Learning How to Invent a Product Takes Time

The majority of patents make no money at all. That’s because an idea can sell, but a product? Not so much.

Having an appropriate marketing/business plan can separate you from the rest of the inventors. Determine what you are building. Who is your customer? What are you providing to the client? What are the strategies that can be used to achieve the goal?

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It takes time to learn how to invent a product from an idea.

So do some research, and establish that the idea has a market in the first place. Knowing what your customer exactly needs, and is willing to spend money on is a beautiful step towards achieving an idea for a loved product.

Don’t rush it, record your ideas when they appear. Outweigh if they are worth the hassle to you or to the world, and start developing. One day it will come to fruition.

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