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Top Ten Ways to Expand Your Business Through Business Cards

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In today’s digital world, business cards still hold valuable importance. You may believe that they are too old school, and you don’t need to pay printing expenses, but are you aware of the fact they can help you increase your contacts and distribute your business? This is one of the best tools for self-promotion of your business. So, in order to grow your business you must make business cards. There are many ways you can expand your business through business cards.

Well now, let us discuss how to make contacts, get more customers, get the scale of your sales high, and promote your business.

Attach it every correspondence:

Whenever you are dispatching your order or giving out receipts, always attach one or more business cards with it. The customer may not look at it instantly, but there are chances that they might keep it, and if they like your product or services, that card will help them to contact you again. There are chances for you to gain loyal customers.

Get more Reviews:

Reviews and business cards sounds strange, right? Let us tell you an excellent way of using business cards to get reviews of your products and services in the socials. You can do that in several steps.

  • Get a barcode on your social media page or business.
  • Get it printed on your business in a way that your card looks appealing.
  • Write a small note that “Scan it and share your reviews

This will attract the customer and make them feel cared for, and this is also the best way to display your business to anyone. With the help of a smartphone, anyone can scan it and check your business reviews before ordering anything.

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Enhance your networking circle:

Whenever you are invited to an event or a conference, always keep a handful of cards with you. You’ll meet a lot of potential clients and customers in the form of strangers there, so why not take advantage of this event go to them and make random conversations, go with the flow and maybe introduce yourself by handing them over your business card. These networking events are the best places to slide your cards and grow your networking circle.

Complementary business:

With the help of a business card, you can promote your multiple businesses at a time. But your businesses should complement each other. For example: If you’re running a handyman business and you sell electronic parts online. You can display both on your handyman business card and promote both using the same card.

Build a connection:

If you just go to a bunch of random people and hand them your card, they’ll never show interest. Therefore, make a connection, have a small talk, and get to know them. This may sound time-consuming, but it is beneficial in the long run. Just give them attention, and they will surely trust you. And don’t forget to ask for their cards as well. That will strengthen the connection.

An Effective Marketing Tool:

In the era of technological advancement, everyone uses digital marketing for brand promotion and business growth. Business cards are still considered an effective marketing tool as nothing can beat face to face meetings. From social media marketing, it is really hard to give your client or customer a personal touch. If you’re finding a potential investor for your business, it is tough to get a lead online. As many emails or messages get ignored. But meeting them personally and exchanging your business card will leave more impact that means more chances that they will contact you back.

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Referable business:

With the help of good quality business cards, you can expand your business tremendously. All you need to do is distribute as many business cards possible because if people like your product or services, they are most likely to refer it to their friends and family, which they can do by sharing your business card with them. That’s why your business card must reach many pockets and drawers as possible.

Affiliated Marketing:

It isn’t always necessary to go to compete with your competitors. Sometimes, handing your business cards to your complementary business can help you grow as they can help you promote your business or link you with one of their investors. They’ll take your card happily and develop a business relation with you, but don’t forget. It is all about giving and take. You have to do the same for them in the future.

Competitive advantage:

A well-designed business card gives your business a competitive advantage and boosts your brand image. With the technological advancements, you can get your business card printed in various attractive material which would help your company stand out among the crowd.

Vast Distribution:

The best thing about business cards is that they are very easy to handle. You can carry many business cards with you when you’re going anywhere. As in the business competitive world, you shouldn’t miss any chance of finding potential customers and clients. You can leave your business cards with a tip in the restaurant or a bar. The waiter will happily distribute your card to every table, and there is a chance you get a call from them. You can leave your cards at any public place which consists of reception. Just leave a good amount of cards at the reception.

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