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How to Estimate Moving Costs for Your House

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Moving a house is not only a tiresome task but also very expensive. People are always in a dilemma about the actual cost of moving a house. Actually moving a house is not as complicated as it seems.

It includes many processes and their costing when we talk about moving a house. There are many factors which influence and on whose basis we can decide or estimate the budget of moving a house.

Type of Move

Moving a house is an easier process if we are clear with the professional helps we need. There are plenty of options for professional companies available online to choose from. There are professional companies that give you the facility to tailor those professional services to fit your specific needs and preferences. The level of customization given will let you take complete control over the important factors when moving house and those are money and time.

(A) Expensive Way:                                   

If you want to opt for full service moving, in which the moving company will be taking care of all the shifting procedures including packing, loading, unloading, and unpacking. As the company will be providing all the services, It will be much expensive than the other option where you may have to take care of certain tasks yourself.

(B) Inexpensive Way:

The moving cost can be drastically brought down by doing some of the tasks yourself. Packing and unpacking can be done by self and some professional laborers can be hired to load and unload the goods into the moving truck. This may save plenty of money.

(C) Least expensive Way:

The moving cost can even be further reduced by renting a moving truck and drive it to the destination yourself. This may save a fancy amount of money as you will not have to pay for the driver’s fee. Although Do It Yourself type of moving is considered as the least expensive moving but there are many factors and hidden costs including fuel, truck rental costs, insurance, packing supplies, renting moving equipment, road tolls, etc. All these factors and costs should be well considered before opting for this type of moving. Consider giving pick-up storage a try to lessen the financial burden of moving.

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Number of Goods

Household goods that are to be packed and transported to the new place are also a factor that increases or decreases the moving cost. So, the unwanted item should be discarded before moving. It is a thumb rule that the stuff you own will influence directly the final moving cost. The heavier the shipment is, the larger moving truck will be needed and more team members will be needed for the job. The cost of moving a studio apartment and three bedroom house will definitely vary.

Distance of Destination

Another essential factor that influences the moving cost is the distance between both locations i.e. the old house and new house.

(A) Local Move: Local movers charge on an hourly basis. The estimated cost is between $90 and $120 per hour for hiring two movers with one moving truck. If the truck is rented yourself and only moving labor is needed then the professionals may charge you somewhere $60-$80 per hour. Though the prices may vary greatly according to company and requirements but following is a rough approximation so that you can get a much better idea of how much it costs to hire movers:

Moving a studio apartment can cost you around $200 /2 movers, 4 hours/, A 2-bedroom residence will be somewhere between $400 and $500 /3 movers, 5-6 hours/, And moving a 3-bedroom house or apartment will cost you roughly $900-$1000 /4 movers, 8-9 hours/.

(B) Long distance move.

Long distance moves are generally charged by the distance to your destination and the total weight of your shipment. Sample moving costs for long-distance relocation is not really easy to calculate as the prices for each moving process may vary too greatly. Your best bet is to request a binding moving estimate from your moving company. A rough estimate for this may be $0.50 per pound per 200 miles. However, you may be able to save some money by hiring moving pods. The container hiring system helps you in cutting down your cost of hiring the professional movers as you only rent a truck.

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Time Counts

Moving cost depends upon the time factor that can greatly influence the final moving price. Moving companies charge more during the 5-month period between May and September because this time period has proven to be the most popular time for people to move. Weekends are always costlier. A lot of money can be saved by being flexible about moving dates.

These are some of the factors that contribute to your moving cost. By calculating the distance, the time required for traveling, packing and moving charges and much more, you can calculate how much money you will need to move easily and affordable.

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